Thursday, 7 August 2014

Review - Sparkling Pore Series

Hey there! So I had been diligently trying out this Sparkling Pore Series from Skinfood and, I wasn't really satisfied with this product. Honestly, different people may have different preference and also, this product might had worked well for others than me.

On the left, Toner. On the right, Emulsion.

Just a basic introduction - Emulsions are actually moisturizers and there are moisturizers for dry / oily skin tones. When I first went into the YISHUN OUTLET SKINFOOD, I started to tell the consultant about my skin issues, such as really oily skin even when I don't have my make up on. It was so bad that the oil tends to congest my pores leading to acnes, pimples or bumps. I needed something that is able to keep my oily skin in checked. She recommended me this series.

It's really important to keep your skin's PH balance to maintain good and clear skin. 

Alrights, so here's the toner.

Just pour some toner onto clean cotton wool/pad and dap on your face. Toner should always be the first thing to apply on your face first after cleansing as it removes impurities.

Feedbacks For The Toner

• Cooling effect when applied. You may want to keep it refrigerated, my mum loves that. •
• Fragrance, smells good. •
• Lasted me for around 3-4 months. •
• The hole opening is small, sometimes you have to shake harder to dispense. •
• Glass bottle that is see through so that you know how much is left. •
• No improvement to pores •

The emulsion as seen above.

I would say this removed the greasy feel on my face and gave me a better and softer feeling. It's a thick and transparent kind of liquid that I recommend to pat on your face.

Feedbacks For The Emulsion

• Oily when applied but takes effect within 30 secs and dries your skin removing oil. •
• Fragrance. •
• Lasted me half bottle for 3 months. •
• Constant use dries skin a lot and will cause breakout. •
• No improvement to pores. •
• Woke up with lesser grease on skin. •

Creamy Serum that is applied, after toner -> emulsion -> serum.

It would give you a matt feeling on face after massaging this on evenly after moisturizing. It is white, creamy and opaque. An ingredient in it smoothens your wrinkles for a better complexion. 

Feedbacks For The Serum

• Matt Feeling. •
• Comes in a pumping packaging which is easy to dispense. •
 • Lasted me for 3-4 months with 1/3 left. •
• Fragrance. •

If you were to ask me if I would repurchase, this is really not my cup of tea and I would prefer to reconsider to try other brands / other series instead.

I do have some little allergies, I am not really sure if it's caused by these or just by my hormones. 


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