Thursday, 21 August 2014

Review - Play 101 Pencil

So I came across this series of pencils which are like crayons type, it's said to have many functions; from eyes to blush and to lips. They have a whole range of colors available in korea but limited range in Singapore. Why oh why >:( 

So, this pastel kind of pink actually caught my eye and I actually compared the price to 3CE undereye flash which I was really really tempted to get. The undereye flash cost about $19 while the play series only cost $12. 

The product seen above is No 33, Matt series. 

This is a without the eyeshadow pencil photo. 

Close up. 

Close up and looks really plain. 

Adding the eyeshadow pencil. 

Looks really natural and good!

It looks playful and fun. Anyway, this is kinda long lasting. I didn't touch up for up to 7/8 hrs. It's able to last well on my eyes. 

A shade on my hand. 

The pros about this eyeshadow pencil is, it ends off powdery after application which I love. Also, it's a retractable kind of pencil where you would not have the trouble to sharpen and waste away a big amount of *lead*. It comes with a sharpener that you can sharpen when it's blunt. 

So here's my review again and hope it was helpful!

Any question just drop me a mail! :)

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  1. Ohh I hope that Singapore will stock more of the pencils for you~ ^ ^
    It is so disappointing when things are difficult to find! ^ - ^