Thursday, 24 July 2014

Relationship, Sex or Intimacy?

Firstly, I didn't die if you were hoping I did, which I hope you guys didn't. Extremely tied down with work and I can't set my hands on my keyboard and share with you guys any stories. 

Today's share; which is more important? Relationship? Sex? Intimacy? 

Lists of questions most people would ask, at least one must and crossed your mind at some point of the time. 

Honestly speaking. How can you even fuck someone that you ain't even certain of? The three words (relationship, sex and intimacy) works like a package, to me it's all the secret to a perfect relationship if you can balance it out well. Works like a recipe. Too much salt, it's gonna get you thirsty. Too much sugar, it's gonna get you coughing. 

Some people enjoy sex while some people don't. Some treat sex like a casual activity but some treat it like their everything. Different people has different perspective towards sex and intimacy. 

Before any couple moves on to the stages of sex and intimacy, their relationship base should be properly build. Like obviously, why would you want to put in so much when it's not even stable yet? You don't stack eggs on a carpet of sharp spikes. 

Again, what's the earliest dating age? 12 nowadays? If its 12 I would just take it as an infatuation or a crush? But if you are dating around your rebellious stage of your life (14), you gotta really make sure you keep your pants on until you are 101% sure of what you are gonna give into your relationship.  

Relationship consists of trust and acceptance. If he is controlling you, not understanding you, it's not love. It's just another dating abuse issue. Same applies if the girl controls whoever you were chatting with. There is absolutely no trust, nothing. Needless to say, it's impossible to engage further in your relationship. Whatever that's gonna happen next is definitely not gonna work things out but just satisfy both or either of your curiosity or needs. 

Secondly, OhWell, it's gonna be kind of awkward where, you have to accept each others body too, you might feel uneasy, maybe you can just switch off the lights to avoid awkward situations. Never make fun of any parts - if you got me. It's hurting. 

One of my friend feels sex is alright, it's common, it's like nothing to her man. She had sex-ed with almost all of her boyfriends. I seriously, honestly kudos she is still disease-free. Not cursing but just reminding, if she is reading this. I don't bitch, but I think she has her own rights to decide for herself what she wants too. But, I really hope for girls, if you are reading this, please keep your 'precious' to yourself, if you can. As in I asked my boyfriend before. '' Do you mind if your girlfriend isn't a virgin? '' '' Hopefully not. '' Guys have fucking weird philosophies I swear. 

Guys, hello? I think you need to wake too. 

Back to answer the questions. 

Firstly, you don't sex because you had to. You don't owe anyone. It comes naturally and it goes with the flow. Sex is not link to; you don't sex, you don't love. 

Next, sex is not a commitment or a seal of love or whatever you call it. Doesn't mean once you have sex with him or her, she/he would turn to belong to you, your property forever. It's really a fucking gross mindset, you are not living in the QING dynasty so please don't do this. I know some people really still does that. 

Public affection is kind of disturbing to some people, be it the person involved / bystanders. It's just really an uncomfortable sight to certain people in the public and to some other couples or either one party just feels too shy to do it. There is nothing wrong to not kiss you or hug you outside. He still does it behind the doors right? So your worries are uncalled for. 

You enjoy sex, doesn't mean others enjoys it too. You may like to talk dirty but your partner is just to shy to express. It can only be wonderful when both party enjoys. 

Make out can strengthen relationships but BEWARE of over usage or excessive dosage. Get your facts right. Make out because of love or make out because of, I want that awesome feeling. It's totally gonna lead you to different levels of things. 

What's more important to you? Which aspect? One or all?

You can afford to fall in love with a wrong guy at this moment, but you cannot fall in despair for your future cause of a wrong choice you chose not to see when you could back then. 


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