Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How to make your own blog banner?

Ello Ello! Trying to start blogging and wanting to create your own banners but struggling cause you have no idea what softwares to use to even collage it? Well, maybe it isn't as hard as you think it is, there are always awesome webs that helps us to do things fast and fuss free.

So, I am going to introduce - www.picmonkey.com and yes, I did my collage here previously too.

Firstly, just click in > Create A College < on their main page and they will divert you to this page as seen above. A square collage with 3 dividers. Well, that can be tweaked so don't worry.

Under the > Collage < Icon, there is a lot of samples templates and I chose L-egant.

Just place your mouse over at the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of each box and you would be able to X it away. Pretty simple yeah. So you can X them away later.

Now, you need to adjust your canvas size, square is so weird for a header on blogger so I changed the measurements to 1050 : 400 (remember to click on the lock if not you would realize yourself stucking with a stupid square.) Continue to remove squares until you know what you want.


Go under > Photos < Tab to add your desired photos. Open photos and upload the photos in. After that just pull and drag into the square you want the photo to be in.

I realise there's still too many boxes/cells, I wanna X it away.

Pulled in another photo.

I X off all the unnecessary boxes.

Anyway if you find the background white is boring, just hit the palette to change color swatch~

You can save a copy first before continuing too~ 

Hit > EDIT < to further modify your banner (depends on individual).

You can choose to add your own text! With a wide range of Fonts available for you to choose from.

Type your text into the textbox~

So I chose my desired font and sentence.

Simply just place it at wherever you want, 

Done, it can still be adjusted even if you don't like it later.

Under > OVERLAYS < there's alot of free icons for you to map in to your photos too. Like stars.

Click on the star you want and it would appear on your canvas. You can choose to resize it.

So it became something like this.

Under > THEMES < tab is where you can overlay things together creating super nice and cheating effects. If you are a photoshop user you will find it familiar and for a non user you will find it extraordinary LOL

As I change the blend mood my moon changes too.

Same as this..

Finally I chose one, Blend Mode > Screen.

Simply just lay over it.

Adjust until it's to your liking and save. PLEASE NOTE. DO NOT SAVE JPG. SAVE PNG!
Reason why? Because JPG will not give you white. It gives you off white, milky kind of white etc. 

Just go to your blogger dashboard, ADD A GADGET > IMAGE.

Add your image in and TADAH all done!

If you have any problems while doing this, comment below / email me and I will be more than willing to help~ If you wanna stay anonymous, ask.fm/jean_kuah to ask me! 

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