Thursday, 10 July 2014


Firstly, I would want to apologize that I had stopped blogging for some time, was so busy with work and blogshop. July was really bad for me but as usual I don't do ranting too much on my blog, as in nobody is interested in my rants, even my boyfriend LOL.

I totally feel like S H I T. I really meant it.

So, today I amma gonna review on these 3 products;

1. 3CE Gel Eyeliner
2. 3CE 50ML Highlight Beam
3. 3CE Bling Peach Highlighter


As usual naked face first.

3CE Face Primer + 3CE Waterful Foundation + 3CE Waterful Concealer 

Actually it really makes your skin looks healthier and bab-ier.



* I know that brush is for your eyebrows actually, but I seriously prefer to use this as its easier to draw define ends and curves.

So just apply over with a brush onto your eyelid gently. This product is kind of lasting for me, it did not end up disappearing like magic throughout the day (12 hours outside). It didnt smudge too, (*tips: add eyeshadow onto the eyeliner like coating and it won't smudge), I find it satisfied using this product.

It works almost the same as the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner ($20+) and 3CE Gel Eyeliner ($18+). But oh well, it's quite a hassle as SG does not have any 3CE store available yet.

Rating: 4/5!



Actually, this comes in 30ML and 50ML, 30ML is for face and 50ML is for body. However, it's actually suitable for face + body definitely. So, as usual, I made my own calculations and it was really more reasonable to get the bigger one, I bought it. I assume you can use up to half a year for that as it's really quite a big tub. Honestly, I was just KIASU and I went googling for reviews is this 30ml and 50ml the same, if it is might as well buy the big one! The bigger the better! HAHA

Again, I pumped equal amount of 3CE Foundation + 3CE Highlight Beam onto my hand.

Blend it well,

Put on your T zones, (more on your forehead!!), Cheeks, Chin, Nose Bridge & above the end of your eyes top areas.

*Anyway the eyebrow is done with the 3CE Eyebrow Mascara*

Blend it well on your face and you will see the highlighted effect working like magic!

The reason why I kept staying with 3CE although it's so hard to get, it's because the way it ends up looking, is always so light and perfect. Not too much and not too little too.

Ratings: 4.5/5!



Honestly, I was looking forward to this really like ASDFGHJKL before they even reach my hands. However, I was kind of lightly disappointed as I preferred my other bronzer I had always been using. I set this bronzer aside before I took it out again to try. After a few days of usage I started to like this product. What a complicated love hate relationship with this 3CE product manz.

Reasons why I did not like it at first was because the shade was not as dark as my previous bronzer which looks like I did not even apply when I actually did! 

But I realized, it's really kinda dark and looks really thick make up when I am using the SASA Bronzer($40). This 3CE one is more affordable and also more natural. It still gives you the shades and defines your cheek and jawline.

QUEKQUEK - Duck face so that you can just apply it easily downwards, 45 degrees.

Then the jawline.

Also, both sides of your nose to create the look of having a sharper nose bridge.

Ratings: 3.5/5

- This is your final product - 

Oily skin doesn't mean that it's gross. As in, your face too matt also looks very cakey and thick. Normal healthy skins would always have that glow.

If you really don't prefer that, you can always end off with your loose powder!

Please credit if you use my picture alrightys! <3

Want to buy 3CE stuffs?

Contact me now to order! :)

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