Monday, 23 June 2014

Treasure your boyfriend.

Had came across this chinese video recently that I can't felt but to reflect and agree on.

" Guy: Baby, You no longer want to be by my side anymore?
Girl: I wish, I really want to be with you but you can't give me what I want. Now, I had found some one, someone better whom can give me the things I want.
Guy: So are you giving up all those times we had gone through in the past just like this?
Girl: I am sorry, but in the future this man could give me all I want..
Guy: Alrights, I wish you eternal happiness.. "

This is for all girls that had left their boyfriends because of money. It's all because of money, because of all the luxury lives and wants that you need in your life hence you left your boyfriends. Have you forgotten how great your boyfriend was all along and just because of money, you left? I know exactly the feeling if your boyfriend is not financially stable, you are fretting and worrying about the future. But it's all because of you that's why he is fighting hard, worrying about not just himself, but about you. It's an irony when you guys just started and all the promises of being together no matter what shit happens. Don't you know how stress is he trying to fight out something for you?

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. All of the assets he has did not came from him. He did not work hard for it. Those money came from their parents. A guy that does not work hard but just flaunt about all of his assets and assuring girls that if they were to be with him, they would get everything they want. Where's the love? Sincerity? Hard work? Where's it? You get to be with him, you have the money, but have you really gotten that love? A relationship that has nothing, yet you can nurture it into something, it's remarkable and priceless.

Everyone wants to be loved. But different people fight differently to be loved. For a girl, if you are pretty, you are attractive, you can fret not. For guys, A guy that has nothing, will find a way to get something, from the scratch, to give you a life you want. No matter how tough it is as long as he really loves you, he would do it for you. A guy that has everything, a career and assets passed down from his parents, you think he is able to do anything for you? Most likely no. Some guys that are spoilt brats would be thinking even if you leave me, tons of girls would be coming for me. Buying you everything you want, living in a big house doesn't mean that you are loved. Doesn't it sounds so much sweeter and so much assuring that the guy you stayed by with, the guy that fought for you would most likely be putting you in his first priority list for the rest of his life?

" A guy that has too much money would be cheating behind your back. A guy that has no money wouldn't be a choice of yours. "

True enough.

When you feel down, you cry because of any absurd reasons, maybe your favorite tee was torn by your cat, or maybe your time of the month had came to irritate you. This guy would always be running over to your side to cheer you up, wipe your tears, putting a smile back on your face. Girls are always demanding, even I am. I ask my boyfriend to do things he doesn't want, pushing things for him to settle and because he just want me to be happy, he was more than willing to do the things he doesn't even want to. The problem is that guys never cry as easily as girls. They would hold back their tears even if they want to cry. Even if he is stress working hard outside, you wouldn't see him crying to you. He did not show any sign of sadness or tears because he wants to let you know, he is strong. Strong enough to protect the girl he loves and able to withstand anything to give this girl he loves, happiness.

So before you even complain. Think further.

If you are materialistic. You want big houses, big cars, big branded bags. Then please consider to reflect. What are you even worth to want all these? Um, can you even cook a meal for your partner? Or can you even do house chores? No? Then why are you even asking for that much?

Just remember, there is always a women behind every successful man. Both started as nothing, you encourage him, motivate him, show him signs that you are ready to fight with him for both of your future. Because you shared the good times and bad times together, he will treasure you because if not for you, he wouldn't had all these.

The worse reasons to ever break up with a guy that loves you god damn much would be.. Money.

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