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How to work things out in a relationship.

Another blogpost, trying to squeeze my brain juice to find a topic to blog about. Here, today I decided to share with you, my relationship, facing the same issue as me? What is needed in a relationship? Can it be prevented? 

I want to be like those seven princess that met their prince and just live happily ever after. My first few relationships totally sucks, sucks like you replace an F with an S. Until I met my current boyfriend, attached for 5 years plus already.

Things happens, shit happens, when I say shit, I meant SHIT. 
Dancing poop

Your boyfriend chatting with a girl for hours and proving to you that he is in love with somebody else in front of your face.
He ignores you and wipes you off in his contact list.
He cold shoulder you even when you make a trip down to find him.
You hug him and he isn't hugging you back.
It no longer matters to him even if you cry.

And you still try your best, give the last shot to fight back that relationship.

>>> Quarrel <<<

It depends on how long are you guys together too. The first 3 months would always be a honey moon period. I suppose after the honey moon period, you would start to bicker over small little things, like over food even? Because I wanted KFC, he wanted TOASTBOX? Or because you wanted to shop opposite but he wants to stay at the CD shop? Maybe even because you prefer pink but he wants it blue.

This always happens to me. So how do we save it is that, we alternate or accommodate. 

Today you eat KFC with me. Tomorrow we have breakfast at TOASTBOX.
I will accompany to view all the CDs first until you make your choice, afterwards let's head shopping opposite together!
Lets pick a color that is more neutral since both of us are using it. 

Quarrels are inevitable. But if you repeated quarreling over 3 times about the same issue, it's a need to talk it out face to face in the bed, in my case, and understand each other and learn from it. Minor quarrels unsettled means you are deducting your love and faith in a relationship over a period of time. This is why you end up breaking up because you are TIRED & SICK of it. Sounds so familiar right.

>>> Addiction <<<

Is your boyfriend addicted to DOTA, League of Legends or any other games that he will ignore you? Mine is also the exact same. Haven't really found a guy that would be willing to put down his game for me. Even up to now, my boyfriend is really addicted to gaming that he would game and sleep until 6am.

However, every human has his own flaws. So, I might be unhappy about it, but maybe he's unhappy about me too, like maybe I am just too obsessed with my shopping that I don't really answer him when he is talking to me? We are just born to not know our flaws.

The next time your boyfriend games, don't be worried! Just think of what you did to him that's really bad that made him hit the roof, and take it as you are making up for him. Things would really feel different. 

>>> Tired <<<

You need to face this guy for exactly the whole of your lifetime. It's not easy to not get tired of each other. You might realize as time goes by, the chatting hours cuts from 2 hours to 20mins, 100 texts to 10 texts a day, going out everyday becomes going out once in a week. 

But the important thing is you keep trying. I had not been trying so much until recently I realized it. Realized how far and how unappreciative we grew in our relationship. One can never stop trying. When you stop trying, your relationship will not grow. 

Arrange a day to his house, shop at NTUC, prepare some snacks in the kitchen, next day off to picnic. It's just so sweet and easy. If your issue is he doesn't like the idea. There are two possibilities. One, he is not sweet and totally unappreciative, not even bothered to try. Second, maybe it really doesn't suit him, maybe you can just try another method and it might work. Just try, doesn't hurt.

Remember, you and him have to enjoy in the activities you both are engaging in, in order for things to work out well.

After a long day of work, I called him, HEY DUMBASS AIDEN, I'm on my way home now, going into the lift. Being your girlfriend ducks, you better gimme a good life in future to make it up for me.
Actually, I was already outside his house door already. Passing him a box of chocolates I bought near my workplace. That face, was priceless. That hug was fugging hot.

 >>> Privacy <<<

What girlfriend are you?
First kind: Oi! You just now look at that girl is it! Look at her boobs! I saw that hor! U NEVER DIE IS IT
Second kind: *in the mind* is he looking at the girl, keep look look look, look until the eyes going to drop out, balls going to sag. 
Third kind: Eh bi! 1 o'clock view got choibu, your left got dua neh bu!

Guess, which one am I?

How much do you trust your guy. I mean like GUYS, GUYS ARE REALLY ANIMALS THAT HUNT FOR * YOU KNOW WHAT * . Since you already know that it's something you cannot stop him from looking, at least not touching, I feel that it's totally fine. Confident about that, I like to tease him. Tell me that women's cup size at your 3 o'clock. He's like: B? Me: I think it's a C, you didn't look properly. Hers was humongous. How could it be a cup difference from me! ( ̄Д ̄)ノ 
I would be like, are you a guy? Why are u not clubbing! Are you like not interested in girls?! - He is still a virgin to clubs. 

But of course it's because I believe in my boyfriend. How much do you trust yours?

Maybe my recommendation might be wrong but, if he loves you, he wouldn't make that mistake. My boyfriend told me one thing, one thing in a guys perspective. 

" A man does not think with his brain but with his dick. His brain might be resisting the temptations BUT, the dick cannot. 
HENCE, to avoid this kind of situation, I would not get into this kind of situation in the first place lo. "

>>> Truth <<<

How truthful are you towards your partner? Rate yourself. 

It doesn't matter how big or small the issue is, like telling your boyfriend his furry armpits smells like your house garbage bin, telling your girlfriend she has double chin, small little things that you are comfortable enough to tell to your partner. It's like a relationship that's so close that you can just shoot it all out. 

I am 101% ok to be makeup-less in front of my boyfriend. We accept each other. When we were in Taiwan, he totally got freaked out by me. I basically unloaded my whole luggage on the bed and he just blew saying are you a freaking monster, the whole room is bombed by your lingerie all over and clothes all over and everything all over everywhere. 

Shall be honest, so I asked him, what do you hate of the things I did most?
1. Stop letting out gas from your butt when we are at home.
2. Wash your smelly feet once you reached home.
3. Your makeup last time, I can bake a cake.
4. You really need to do some squats.
5. Stop being unglam, you're a girl eh!


Actually when you are really comfortable and truthful to your partner, things would really get better because you will take note and change. Also, comfortable means less awkwardness, you behave as if you are already like a lifetime couple, seeing everything about him or her.

>>> Expectations <<<

Are our expectation real and hit-a-ble? Let's say, your boyfriend does not send you home every single time he meets you as you both do not practice this. However, recently, you saw your friend that's been so blissful, boyfriend everyday walk her home and you want that too. You bug your boyfriend to everyday send you home from orchard to jurong. Then from jurong he needs to go back to paya lebar after sending you home. Sometimes you cannot compare everything. Like comparing to TV shows or your friends. Why you never send me home like Sally's Boyfriend! Why you never book the whole cinema like the TV show like that! Why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Why somemore thats why your relationship goes 歪(wai) la.

Things that I want to emphasize is that, a relationship takes two hands to clap. 

Also, I got a job! @ MIYOC! Hence, if I am too tired I might stop blogging for some days. Don't miss me too much alrightys~

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Forever loving you,

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