Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fixing my roots at home.

So, out of so many products I chose this gatsby one. Because the packaging has the best blonde. It retails for about $10 per kit, I bought 2 kits. Used about 1&a half bottle only to touch up my roots. 

Kit consists of gloves and also instructions! So no need to panick! It's pretty easy to do. 

My hair dye stylist helping me to figure out the steps. ε-(´∀`; )

Obviously my 'black roots' are so visible that its so grosssssss. 


OK, so this was the first round of bleaching for my roots. 

Touching up making sure it's all covered. But after washing off and drying, it's still not the light brown. Have to bleach the second time. 

This is the second round. You can see the color more matching already~


Looks retarded but yeap! My roots are touched! It's so ORANGE GOLDILOCK kind of feeling right. I want it to not be that BRIGHT. 

Where the toner kicks in. Where to buy? Go Carousell, type in LA RICHE, you would get. Anyway this one I got from this seller, not bad, has a lot of meetups locations just that she is unable to make a 1 min allowance for you. If she says 1.30-1.35, nothing more than that, she wouldn't wait. So maybe postage would be better? But for me it's still alright, would purchase again. 

Toner applied. Evenly applied on the whole of my hair. 

After drying it looks so much better!!!!! Sorry it's darker at the bottom cause thanks to the previous lousy salon that didn't even even out the bleach. GOSH. Wanted to fix it too but my hair cannot TANK another bleaching. It's a little frizzy. Have to pass. 

Finally gotten rid of my black roots. 

Ok, so blonde requires lots of care and also special products to keep it looking good, I recommend purple shampoos. Basically it would wash off the yellow tones and make it more greyish. Like balancing the color. 

This is the shampoo, more liquid than the conditioner. In dark purple. 

This is the condition to let you have a much smoother hair~

So this is the final product. 

As you guys know, yesterday I went to this super woper JIALAT salon, to pay $100 to touch up my black roots. 

Apparently the auntie is too lazy to help me bleach, telling me tons of reasons she shouldn't help me bleach again. 


From Millan.Net

OK SO. I am actually a regular customer of hers, I trusted her with my hair but I totally have no freaking idea what happened to her yesterday. People always asked me where did I did I my hair, but I did not recommend because her skills really depends on her mood. 

It's really bad job done for a freakingg $100. Never going back. Time to resource another hair salon. 

Am blessed to have such a great boyfriend that is always there to help me as long as I needed him. When things did not went well for yesterday, he hugged me and told me it's fine, just rest well for the night, tomorrow drop by my place and I would have all your problem fixed. The moment I reached, he already had the stuffs prepared. I really don't know what more can I even ask for in this relationship.

From Millan.Net

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