Sunday, 25 May 2014

Why are the preorders never ever coming oh.

This is such a risky post cause I am a seller myself. But I was just thinking maybe people should be reasonable and should understand why preorders delays and also how should you deal with it.

Lets put it this way, 70% of the Blogshop sellers takes stocks from BABA.COM (fake name). 

Let me introduce to you about baba.com first, baba is actually like a selling platform where many people sells on it, but the price is wholesale. Some they have manufacturing factories which manufacture goods. 

On baba.com there are like millions of sellers. Millions for you to choose from to buy from to bring in for. Just like any online shop, you might have the TENDENCY to get scammed. Cheap things comes with a price. It may be cheap - expect the quality to be THIN, CRUMPLED, DIFFERENT FROM PHOTO, SLOW DELIVERY & BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, doesn't mean that it would be all but at least 2 in that 5. So how do I explain why your preorder is delayed or you seller ran?

It's not easy to own a Blogshop, considering you have to source for your Blogshop be it TRAVEL or IMPORT. However, when SHIT HAPPENS, you should be prepared to face the music. So what were the possible reasons?

Preorders are just photos from any google images and all you need to do is PIAK on your posts, 'Selling this romper for $7 only.' 
Why people dare to scam and scammers are as young as PRI 6/LOWER SEC?! Because firstly, IF they get caught - they would only be given a warning. I emphasized on IF. Why IF? Because most likely you won't be caught. Why won't be caught? Some sellers play smart. They only activate on this day and scam a targeted amount of people and close the account. Especially on Instagrams, Facebook, various social marketing platforms. 
They don't get caught cause buyers have no one to contact to and some are just SIMPLY UNBOTHERED about that $10 they lose. They take it as a learning experience. 
I got scammed before - I don't 101% get back my money either. You only can grumble, what to do, nothing you can do also. 

Lets say abcblogshop bought stocks from BABA. As seen from BABA reviews on the shop and apparently there was a lot of great reviews left and the items were awesomely affordable. It's great to bring in to sell definitely. 
So she decided to open a preorder due to insufficient funds. 
When she hit the targeted orders she want, she sent in the orders. Approximately 2 weeks the items reach her. BUT SHE ORDER 74PCS and only 2 PCS came. So where were the 72 PCS?!?! So this is where you have to go back to BABA to seek help from their customer service and also demand an explanation from supplier. However not many people knows the procedure and feel really lost. 
That incident was a REAL life event. Happened to me before. And it's pretty fucked up. No joke at all. If you don't have the spare cash to refund your customer - you and your shop RIP. Apparently it's a rare case and I am just so LUCKY lor.

Normally when your items are here, with your sellers, SOMETIMES They do give u wrong colors and size. I don't know at they COLOR BLIND or PAJIAOBAK (cock eyes in hokkien). Worse is the design totally different. You want A they give you Z that kind. Then if you are responsible enough, you try to seek understanding from customers. I know some customers are plain ass but if you don't, you are the ass leh. So might as well instead of running away, solve the matter. Worse come to worse, you can just refund or ask them to change to other pieces? Of course refunding is the last resort. It's better than you smash your own blogshop reputation.
Saying about this, I feel it totally irony. This blogshop pay around a lot of money for bloggers to advert, but her attitude suck like ABC, her customers ask when is the preorder reaching, she just SEEN or just simply say IDK. I D K your head. You don't know you expect your customers to know. Bye bye to you in the blogshop field.

Totally cannot blame your seller. It's quite common and happened to me also, the supplier gave me one or two lesser than what I ordered. Get back to them. But some are complete assholes, they just heck care. So I take it as a donation - ask my customer to change items. If they don't want to, I will refund them.

Well, these are the most common reasons I can think of.

Subsequently, as a seller,

1. Try to be responsible until deals ends.
Well, it's very important to be understanding, but of course not to spammers nor deadbuyers, I know business is tough, but you don't tell a UK16 that she can fit a UK6 clothing, its moral issue. Normally if people ask me can fit UK10 or anything, I will give measurements. Cause I am uncertain. In case later part she wants exchange or refund, I rather not do the deal in the first place.

2. Try to build trust.
When dealing with new customers, they look at your reputation, mostly comes from recommendations. So if you kena blacklist all over, I think the business won't pull through. If you ain't friendly, then people won't enjoy buying with you.

3. Move on
When people confirm order but never pay, normally if other people wants, I will sell off. As long she never offend you physically, lets just be kind souls and move on.

Also, for customers,

1. Don't be a lousy liar.
I don't get why some people thick skin until as if they can do skin peeling, thinking they can grow a new face and people won't remember them that kind. It becomes a habit, you suka (like) suka happy say you want buy, next moment say my ahma sick no money buy, I just now go home drop my money, my mother no money give me allowance. Just STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. I not interested in your ahma, your mother, your whole family. I can be understanding, but I know if you misuse it, I will turn nasty. I never hesitated :)

2. Cheapskate.
You don't nego just like you don't nego in a shop. You can nego in a fishmarket - not even NTUC that kind will entertain you so maybe you need to reconsider your choice as you seem to live before the 80s. Totally no sense of PAISEH-NESS. Put $15, you tell me can $12. Give $12 ask for free normal mail. Might as well ask me to give you free? Once I did this, and she believed. FACE P A L M .......

3. Don't be naive.
If you ever see super cheap preorders below normal price, shoes for $10 - dream on. I don't know whatever description says: rejected goods, clearance blah - no such good deals.

4. Negotiating where to meet.
www.bugisstreet.com got a clothing I like, Email them to order:

You: Hello do you do meetups to buy?
Bugis: Only bugis, Sorry.
You: Can you bring the whole bugis street to my area? I live at JOO KOON.

AH, So you think you customer, because you want ONE TOP, we need to travel all the way to the other end of the country for you? Nope. Be reasonable. Best is, I will pay you $3 MORE!

Blogshops, online business - this is life man!

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