Wednesday, 7 May 2014

VAVA Bistro @ MacRitchie

INTRODUCING TO YOU THE BEST RESTAURANT I HAD CAME ACROSS SO FAR! Never been so good that my boyfriend kept SINGING COMMENTS on this place~ We were on an assignment by my friend, some may know some may not know -- SO WE SIGN T&Cs, so we cannot exactly say what were they doing. But it's ok, I want to review the restaurant.

So this VAVA Bistro @ MacRitchie is a very CONVENIENTLY located dine in place in Caldecott where its a SHORT WALK OF 8.3KM from Caldecott Mrt. You would love to stroll under Singapore's beautiful sunny weather to this exciting place. If not you can actually hop on a bus, many bus goes there but isn't that convenient! You need to change transport to get there~

So here is the view, but not sure is it my boyfriend fussy or something but he kept telling me the chair height and the table height was so coordinating that his butt and spine was uncomfortable. For me it was still fine hmm. 

We spent most of our time entertained by MOSQUITOS, trying to whack them and if we lose, they will SUCK US.  Yumz. Btw a worm was so devoted to me that it actually rested on my thighs and I felt violated, I swipe it off and send it back HOME. I don't like surprises.

So it was assignment this was our dinner. It's so nice, LIKE NTUC PREPACK ONION RINGS. YUMZ. I love it. Its so soggy, no crispyness and its only 8-10 pcs for $6.80! HOW CHEAP OHMY.

And next up was a SPIDER in our spring rolls plate! They are so kind to add on for us! We were so touched. I asked dearest why didn't he snap a photo first before letting our special guest - spiddy to leave? He told me because it's a natural reaction not to accept extra things given and needs to return whats not needed. So he swiped spiddy off the plate. I am so sad I didn't get a photo with him D:

My boyfriend was SUN TANNING under their spot lights. How comfortable when we were sweating out. This is so comfortable that if you need to TAN, its a perfect place for all!

(Read left to right, down left to right.)

Legend *red words* hairstylist // *black words* ME 

The GIF tells it all. Don't want to repeat. Sorry I am very fussy with my hair. If my BF says it's ugly, he meant it. 

She still wanted or actually she already did KAOPEH ME. Nevermind, my boyfriend almost hit the roof want to GAN her LOL OMGAWD MWAH I LOVE YA. I almost GAN her too but lets not make things ugly ok :') 


So we had been there 4 hours, we had a plate of ONION RINGS, SPRING ROLLS, ONE SPRITE, ONE COKE & then spent about $5.00 Transport Fee each to get there, We got back souvenirs such as INSECT BITES and of course a super FULL stomach, filled with anger and hate ^~^

_|_  How nice were my souvenirs! _|_

Then end up, ATE  MY $2 CHICKEN RICE with my boyfriend. 

What a day. I larva it la VAVA ALI BA BA VA VA VA FABULOUS LA

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