Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Ain't Laurent Without Yves Tee - DaPinkRubbish ($14.90), restocking in progress. 
Hermes Slippers - DaPinkRubbish ($22.90), restocking in progress.

Time to blog something personal - appreciative. 

If you had been following me, yes, I had fell sick and I am suffering from food poisoning. Ate something that wasn't supposed to be eaten but I ate it anyway and my poor tummy has to bear the consequences. Gahhhhh. The feeling totally sucks like A-Far away more to Z, I had been vomiting and shitting out all food consumed the pass two days. Gross. And suffering to add on. 

Supposing I have a shoot on tomorrow, Wednesday, but I guess I have to take another off day to rest and postpone it :( 

Today I finally persuaded myself to consult a doctor - I am too lazy and too unwilling to spend my money for medicine, weirdo me. I made my boyfriend woke up like 8am in the morning to dial in to the polyclinic as I was so KIASU, and I think he really dialed in at 8AM sharp, so sharp that the hotline server said, the line would be opened at 8am, please try again later. 8.01am he called again. I think we are the first to dial and book an appointment. Whoosh. 

Late for appointment so end up have to wait too, that boy beside me kept on telling me he is so so so damn sleepy, he need to sleep for real. I can send you to A&E Lo, you can even sleep on their surgical bed. Heeee. 

The medicine is hell powerful. I KO once I took it. Just lied one my bed and the next minute I had fallen asleep. The best insomnia medicine ever. Spent about $24 at polyclinic - sort of exceeded my budget of not exceeding $15. Well last time when I went to see them, was only $12. I was wondering if you guys pay via the counter or machine. The counter queue is damn scary. Long long queue. Nobody is queuing for the machine one though. The machine is able to retrieve your payment and pay by nets. 

Then we went to get some lunch and went to the post office to mail registered mails, recently singpost had been delaying mail and my customers were complaining mails had not reach them. Now I strongly recommend registered mail. 

Took our lunch back to eat. Baby accompany for the whole day, while I sleep, he went to nap too. Sometimes I really do wonder which other guy would do his for me. Not even one can do a better job than him. 

He sends me home every day (as long he meets me). Cooks for me when I am craving for something. Take my OOTDs for me under the hot sun. Come over my house just to take my advertorials shots for me. 

It doesn't mean that the guy must pay everything and you would be the most blessed girl in the universe. Lots of things, money can't buy. Effort is one of them. Sincerity & Effort can never be on par with Gifts & Money. 

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