Tuesday, 27 May 2014


This would be part one of my 3CE review and yes I LOVE 3CE. From the way it looks to the product itself. Almost spent 1K for buying their products!

All review done here are sincere, all items bought with my hard earn money and I am honest, because if a thing suck, I really will make sure you guys know it sucks.

It's all about personal preference too!

First 3CE product I want to review would be: 


This is my favourite product from 3ce itself, the foundation is gentle on skin and I quite recommend this to people that has sensitive skin. 

The product's packaging is one of a kind, comes with a dropper to enhance consumers make up experience, (so you don't need to worry how the hell to get the foundation out, pouring too much might waste too.)

Pros: Product is lightweight, suitable for everyday make up for a natural and healthy look. It does not CAKE. Best is it lasted me the whole day!

Cons: Product might be a little thin to some people, not enough coverage for a weather like Singapore. (But thick make up will cause more skin prone problem)
Hence, I still will avoid thicker foundation unless for photoshoots. 

Ratings: 4.5/5!!
I had bought the second bottle already in fact! 

Before applying, you can see my flaws la, my skin tone is uneven and very *not so smooth*. 

After applying, it looks like you sort of implanted new skin! We don't want guys to bake a cake on our face right. 

Normally I will drop a portion on my hand and spread it evenly on my face! 

Layering is needed. About 3-5 layers. 


Second 3CE product I want to review would be: 


Another really awesome product that I would want to get my hands on! 

I have serious eyebag problem and concealers are a MUST. Must get must use must cover. 

Best about this product is, you can cover blemishes too! By mixing with Waterful foundation! But I don't really do cause I want to save it for my serious eyebags problem. 

So can see my dark eye rings right! So dark. Like *smokey eye makeup..... That smudge.*

HUA LA! Blend with finger / brush and its all concealed!

Pros: Very lasting and does not cake. A concealer that did not cake up! Ok, 3CE win!

Cons: Cost about $20 and its very small. 

Ratings: 5/5!
I bought the 3rd one already! Too awesome that I need to stock up!


Third 3CE product I want to review would be: 


Been wondering why KPOP girls has this glow in their skin and my skin looks so old, dull and worn out man! 

I totally like the outcome of the face glow.  Simply pump a little portion,

Add in Waterful foundation,

And blend,

Apply on T-Zone and cheeks. 

And you will have this damn nice contouring!

Can you see the glow in my face? 

Ratings: 4/5!

Pros: It's easy to apply and does not cause a CAKING effect. It looks natural like as seen above ^

Cons: It's not very suitable for people with super oily face, but solution is powder off with loose powder would do the trick :)

I will do being part 2 soon and I hope this helps! :D

Please credit if you use my picture alrightys! <3

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