Sunday, 6 April 2014

[Advertorials] SassyDream

Hi guys! Another great piece of apparel recommendation for everybody! I really think its a great piece to spice up a simple outfit without a hassle! 

I was just wearing a t shirt and jeans and it was just too boring. Needed something more. Yep, just one thing more. 

It's lightweight and comfortable, as if you are not wearing anything and you fell in love with it without yourself knowing it. Actually it's really good for Singapore weather as its quite thin. Thin but with great quality - I have to emphasize it. 

Close up on the parka itself, it's actually black, it's the color effects that washed off the black a little so no worries on color difference. 

There are pockets compartments and also a big hoodie. The big hoodie is actually good to use when it was drizzling. The sleeves ends off just right but I would prefer to fold it a sleeve up so it looks layered. 

You read it, you seen it, and you like it? Then you can get ready your wallet and start to spent some kachinggggg. Your money would be worth the spent by using this discount code >>> Jean5 <<< 

Good things are worth the money, life is too short for regrets, live lika queen everybardy!!!!! ❤❤❤

Shop with SASSY DREAM now!!!! :) I hope you like this advertorial / review :) ~

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