Friday, 25 April 2014

Product Review - Eye Talk! Lets get some double eyelid!

Hello! Had been dying off a little recently - because I had been busy with my house flea. So something to share with you guys again, since someone requested on the double eyelid glue guide sometime back? Actually really long ago. 
Anyway, no makeup - except my brows and thin foundation. 

So basically, I had been using eye talk and I really love it. Well, it sticks pretty well, waterproof, looks more natural than tapes. 

To be honest I don't like eyelid tapes at all. It's like the worse thing ever when they don't stick properly and a paper is sticking out of your eyes? I don't know but it looks more awkward than glue itself. 

Perhaps the only badass point about glue is, it might be messy for first timers, but it will definitely get better with more practice. 

I am not born with double lids - not like my boyfriend either, kept flaunting his double eyelids to me - but its ok! We can create one. 

If you are lucky, some people does this often for a long period of time can really get double eyelid - like my mum.

Quite sad I sticked for 3 years, still don't have eh. 

Apply the glue of course, not too thick. Don't too kiasu. Doesn't mean you added more means more sticky. In fact, the thinner it is the faster It sticks. 

You have to wait for the glue to become transparent and feels sticky before u can start to make it stick. 

So take the poke poke, by right the tutorial teaches to use the two poke one to create the cease. But for me. The back part of the poke is more suitable for me. You have to try and see which is better. 

Tadah. You just did a plastic surgery! A temporary one. 

Plus point: I don't buy eyelash glue. To be honest, I damn kiasu. And thinking of the amount of different cosmetics I have, I really don't want an extra item into my cosmetic bag! So I just use the double eyelid glue as an eyelash glue! It sticks well, last throughout the whole day! 

This product is sold at $15.00 in SASA. It last me 2 months at least approx. 

Hope the post was helpful! :)

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