Tuesday, 29 April 2014

<Advertorial> Neccessories

PHAM PHAM PHAM PHAM - hell yeah I am excited and I bet you guys are too right! Last week I had posted the sneaked up and REVEALS ----> http://www.neccessories.sg/  <----
Their items are like mad hell affordable! Friendly SALE prices starts from $2 and and and ...

are from reputable brands! So how can you not want to shop? Like right now? I think you had actually clicked into the link before you read finish my sentence right. *smirks* Oh ya, discount code at the end so don't so fast X me :( !

This was the set of statement necklace that I had picked pairing it off with an identical statement bracelet, it spiced up my whole outfit when originally I was so casual, spags and shorts like as if I am going down to KOPITIAM to dabao my lunch or something. Yespppy! Must own one statement necklace NO MATTER WHAT. 

Second necklace that I love - QUALITY. Best quality necklace ever in my collection. I have lots of necklaces, but all are like those that looks like it's going to die off after the second usage GAWDDIEDIEDIE. 

This piece - DETAILS. Talk about that details man. TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. So nicely detailed, designed. It's not omg, BUT OMG. If you love monochrome - I promise, you will love this yeah. 

And here is this geometrical long necklace that I am too impressed by its POWER TO TRANSFORM THAT BORING PLAIN OUTFIT TO SOMETHING MORE IMPRESSIVE. Maybe I exaggerated a little but but but, 

Ya, it did helped!

DISCOUNT CODE >>>>>>>>> JEANKUAH01 - 15% discount!! Plus free normal postage! GAWDDD <<<<<<<<

To digress a little > 10 confessions my boyfriend thinks about me coming up next! I know you guys want to hear what he thinks about me right. And my super bad and disgusting habits to him LOL. FML

& CRAFTHOLIC WINNNNNNER CONGRATS TO CYNTHIA NG - you won a craftholic woooooohoooooo!

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