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Foundation or BB creams?

Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest one of all?
Of cause we want to hear : you, but no one else could be the fairest one of all.
Acne? As Singaporeans we all faced the same ISSUE. Clogged pores and makeup melting thanks to this gorgeous weather of Singapore. However some people don't recover 101% for Acnes, pimples and scars. Another alternative we opted for would be --- coverage. 

But are you choosing the right coverage?
I was ONCE a BB CREAM FAN. HOWEVER, The reason why I stopped my application was - clogged my pores and made it worse. Sometimes after cleansing, my face would look so red, patchy on my cheeks and etc. horrible. 

Just to declare - my skin is bad. It looks like its good because I did my coverage. I have very big pores, pimples and bumps on my face. Not that I don't want to solve but I tried almost every method, it didn't really helped to clear off. The skin specialist told me to wait for my naughty hormones to stabilize first. 

Back to topic,
BB cream and Foundation difference in my opinion and reference:

1. BB Cream has lesser choices of skin swatches - and the shades are normally nearer to the FAIR TONE. So if there isn't your color, perhaps the foundation is a better choice for you as more swatches are available.

2. BB cream has LESSER COVERAGE. I feel that bb cream does not conceal as well as some foundation - of course it depends on what you need as some people doesn't really have very major skin issue. 

3. BB cream is harder to REMOVE than foundation. So if you don't remove your makeup well - you know the consequences. Your skin doesn't repair at the night, your breakouts gonna get worse. I don't think you would want that?

4. BB cream is considered to have more skin benefits than foundation. They tend to have some better ingredients - stated by some reviewers, unlike foundation. 

5. BB cream is easy to apply. Just squeeze on your hand and blend it through, foundation would be best applied with brush instead of fingers, but doesn't matter just that it might be a little more untidy. 

6. BB cream is more natural than foundation.

So it really depends on individuals on what they like and prefer which I can't really tell you. But I prefer foundation, liquid ones. I don't enjoy using powder because I don't really want someone to bake a cake with my face. IFYOUGETWHATIMEANT. 

Types of BB creams I had used:

Maybelline New York 8 in 1

Product description: 
SPF 26 // All in one moisturizer // sunblock // foundation 
Too thick. It doesn't leave me with the Matt feelings that I want it to have. When you apply BB cream, you only want to apply this and nothing else, because its supposed to be so. The moment I needed to touch up some loose powder on top, it meant the product had failed. 
Product can be purchased at drugstores. 

BB Cream Precious Minerals

Product Description:
Triple-action BB cream is packed with skin whiteners, SPF and anti-wrinkle ingredients, effectively protecting skin from environmental stressors and ensuring that skin stays youthful looking. Pearlescent finish gives skin a sheer and luminous glow, for an ethereal radiance that seems to emanate from within. Recommended for normal and dry skin types.
At first I love this bb cream BUT I realized it gets very very oily at nights especially after a long day. The coverage did not last me for the whole day though. But for the shades wise, it's rather a good choice. There would be 4 shades for you to choose from. 

Types of foundations I had used:

Maybelline Liquid Foundation SPF25 PA+++ 

Product Description:
Exclusive MICRO-FLEX TECNOLOGY and Perlite that instantly trap excessive oil and sweat. Long lasting makeup adheres to skin well and avoids fading caused by various environmental aggression. Skin stays flawless and comfortable all day.
The reason why I had picked this from the drug store was because - it was suitable for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin so I need to make sure the make up I choose are from known brands with reputable image and reviews. 
This foundation gives sufficient coverage for me, just top it off with a few layers on your skin, overall it should do fine. 
This foundation does not cake up, so I feel really satisfied. My mum is currently using this now. She loves it a lot in fact! The finishing is Matt. When you first apply it may appear oily but don't worry, just leave it aside for a while, it turns Matt eventually. 

However I don't think this would be able to fully cover your acne scars. 

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation

Product description:
Gives light to medium coverage, flawless finish and ideal to normal / dry skin. 
SPF 15 
Alright! I bought the oil balancing ones - This foundation is the THICKEST COVERAGE I had tried. Along all this I had. I SWEAR ITS VERY THICK. I bought mine in the Taiwan, as my maybelline foundation broke when I fell off the bed ._. This is able to cover the acnes I was having in Taiwan, as maybe my skin wasn't used to their weather and I had really really bad breakouts. So it managed to do the job really well, Pham 1st layer, it's already doing the effect well. 2nd layer, ok you are ready to leave.
Matt finishing. 

Glossing Waterful Foundation

Product Description:
Gel containing high level of moist, blends easily with your skin with no caked on effect giving you a glossy, healthy looking face that is flawless, SPF 15.
Currently using this, the good point about this product is, it's really thin, your skin can breathe well! But because its thin its bad in a way too as you cannot coverage much of the things you want to coverage!
Reason why I would stick to this. 
This doesn't clog my pores that much as its so thin! I put about 3 layers. This product packaging comes in a droplet form for easy application. 
Got mine not from stylenanda, but from a store in Taiwan that is like SASA?

F1: Maybelline Foundation Liquid Foundation
B1: √Čtude House BB cream ( Precious Minerals )
(please swap F1 and B1, I wrote wrongly on the photo)
B2: Maybelline 8 in 1 BB cream
F2: Body Shop Oil Balancing Foundation
F3: 3CE Waterful Foundation

Here is the swatches, you can see F2 has the most coverage. Thickest omg. And F3 lightest coverage. So do choose according to what you need!!!

So here is the differences between BB cream and foundation, whether you prefer bb creams or foundation depends on individuals and varies!

So basically this sums off what did I use so far, I hope it was helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or my ask.fm ( the tab is above ) ! 


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