Thursday, 17 April 2014

Advertorial - ShopJulien

Hello Hello! Feel so elegant, decked in with the most comfortable and light weight dress and most warm-comfortable tweed outerwear, I larva it. For discount code do continue to read down below :) !

I have the let it go, let it go kind of feel. Hmm.

I love how it's easily pulled off with just a hat, a clutch and a statement necklace - tadah! You are already ready to set off. The best part about this dress is, the length is not too short and the drapes just feel so dramatic when you are walking around. 

Too cold? Fret not. Tweed jacket is made of a very comfortable material to keep you warm and cosy. I actually bought to Taiwan and it kept me so comfy on the plane. Awesome? More than that.
It's spies up a casual outfit too.

So. What to buy? Almost everything on their site caught my attention but I really cannot decide which one to get *_* So end up these two pieces are my choices!

To be honest, this shop owner is a kind and beautiful lady as she waited really patiently for this advert as I was away to Taiwan - for a break. Oh well my boyfriend doesn't wants me to bring work over. So I am really appreciative! So do hurry to purchase from her as she is really patient and responsible. Service - Thumbs up! Items - exclusive! You wouldn't see it being sold almost everyone, which is kinda boring yeah? /:



How awesome? Remember to quote for your discount which checking out ok <3 !

Hop on down to www.shopjulien.net now!

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