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Visual Communication - Nanyang Polytechnic

Since.. I am pretty bored, actually not maybe, but I feel like blogging. Quite a number of people previously asked, what's the course about that I am studying? Oh well, here is a more detailed post to share with you guys!

Before I start - 

School of design in Nanyang Polytechnic consists of 3 courses - Visual Communication, Space & Interior Design and also Industrial Design.

What does Visual Communication does?
Basically we focus more on these areas - Graphics Design, Packaging Design, Corporate Identity and Marketing, Brand Conceptualisation, Visual Merchandising(NEW), Event Conceptualisation, Point-of-Purchase Design

What does Space and Interior Design does?
Focuses on - Space Design, Exhibition Design, Event Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Environmental Design

What does Industrial Design does?
Focuses on - Conceptual and Trend Forecasting Design, Product Planning and Strategy, Product Design and Development, Product Realisation and Aesthetics, Conceptual Prototyping
( Sounds Chim but it means product design, doing prototypes; the actual product out and of course more but you have to seek the ID's peeps to help ya out!)

- Starting from YEAR 1 in Visual Communication -

From what I remembered pretty clearly was that during the first year, we did lots of drawing, lots of it, drew self portrait, drew ONIONS, drew an apple etc. So, if you hate drawing, *coughs* you may have to suffer a little for the first year as it wasn't much of computer based stuffs. There is theory in Year 1 (ONLY YEAR 1) where you have to study design methodology and also study ergonomics. But fret not, it's only gonna be the first year. Subsequent years - WHATS EXAM?!?!

My advice is DO NOT assume the first year as a honeymoon period! Uh, based on my experience which I REGRETTED, it's to make sure you mug since the first year and leave a good impressions to the lecturers. Oh well, can't spell it out in exact words and alphabets but I think you will get what I meant after you experience the process.

Anyway, every batch, every project is going to be different sooooooo don't think we will be doing the same stuffs! I know my works and drawing like SO SO or like so uglryyyy. But bear in mind, don't be too sad even if you can't drawwww. Cause to be honest, there are really going to be EXPERTS in your class that will just DEMORALIZE your esteem from ice kacang to roti prata. 
Just bear in mind, you are going there to learn. So take them as a goal or if not just block them away in case it affects your performance!

In Year 1 you would also learn TYPOGRAPHY, COLOR APPRECIATION, COMMUNICATION SKILLS(MY HORROR), DIGITAL RENDERING. Typography is the usage of FONTS & More which I never realized the importance until I learnt it. Its cool. Really cool. Color appreciation is like teaching you to have more taste in colors. Don't japalang all the colors together. Lastly, communication skills means presentation which I HATE THE MOST. To be honest till now, I still have the fear of public speaking. Digital rendering means illustrator (a software) highly useful. 

When we have lots of project on hand, *guilty* we admit we will do studio and put in less effort for other modules. Because studio really takes up a lot of credits!!


- YEAR 2 in Visual Communication -

Life goes on, you survived Year 1 (Not all did, some dropped out), your expectations goes up, more sleepless nights, AND YES, I am serious, your sleepless nights gets from Level 1 to 100. You might think I am pulling your leg but I am not kidding. You can ask around from Design students, I heard SID got their sleeping bags in their studios.

In fact Year 2 is the most tough and crucial year for you. It's like the most un-tolerable year among the 3 years in School of Design (SDN).

*IMPORTANT* In year 2 you get to choose your specification of doing Communication Design // Visual Merchandising. Breaking it down for you:

> More on packaging design <
> Website Design <
> More on graphics design <
> Publishing, layout, Indesign <

> Window Displays <
> Minimal Knowledge in Interior Design (3DS Max) <
> Events Planning <

Please do be careful in picking your choice as if you picked the wrong one, you can really just DIE AND DAI AND REALLY DIE.

Year 2 focuses on, Branding, Logos, Typo, Studio etc, AND BE PREPARED, to save some money in your pocket ok. To be honest. For me myself, My LOWEST record is spending $85 on a project and HIGHEST $200 on a project. So on average, its about $120+? You cannot scrimp on the money part if not, your end product would be SLOPPY. My word of advice is to CHECK CHECK and CHECK before you execute anything. Because I made stupid printing errors - I have to freaking reprint. Or I measured wrongly by an MM, I have to reprint. Accidentally cut wrong? REDO. So be careful with your work and you won't have to spend that additional cost. 

Spending MONEY in Design Course is perfectly NORMAL. Do some odd jobs to sustain would work. Or maybe opening a blogshop? :P

In this case, I opt for VISUAL MERCHANDISING and I dare not say its 101% for me. 

In Year 2, we had this project of building our first window display. It cost my group about $250+/- not very certain of the exact number. My group consists of 3 people. Cost was split, you do the math.
Then, we stayed from 9am to 10pm in school to do it up. No joke. Its damn fucking tiring. 
Same goes for an event exhibition did by SDN. Money, Energy was drained off. 

In VM, lots of stuffs are hands on. You get your material & you make something out of it. It doesn't work? Think again. Do it until you get it right. You need to carry heavy things - even if you are a girl, you get another girl to assist you. You have to hammer, saw and drill(maybe you can ask a guy to help if you SA JIAO a little, LOL), from wood planks you make it into a table, from nothing into something.

- YEAR 3 in Visual Communication -

FINALLY, you are left with bones i supposed.

This is the year where your INTERNSHIP starts and also your FYPs. Why FYPs and not FYP is because, you have 2 studio project ( One is FYP mock up, One is FYP ).

To share on my internship as REQUESTED by my followers, I am not sure if photos are allowed so let me put them in words - I hope I don't bore you out already BUT, PLEASE READ STILL (T_T)v

Basically, you would be attached on for 3 months and yes, you get allowance and nope, I am not sharing how much HAHA, Sorry but NO.
During this period, you report to work just like an staffs does, in my case, I was attached to ADIDAS and I have to report at 9AM sharp at their hed office in TANJONG PAGAR. Which was freaking far away, from WOODLANDS.

So do I get to choose Internship company? 
ANSWER IS NO. You don't get the privilege of picking the nearest work location, the company your prefer nor the friend you want to go with. It goes random - as planned by my lecturer and you are just gonna go for the interview and thats it.

So my first interview was at LA SENZA. Fine, it didn't work out, I don't know why? My friends was just making fun of me for being boobless ah, whatever LOL so maybe I didn't got in. Ah come on! Whats boobs gonna do with VM GRR.
So my next arranged blind date was with ADIDAS - and guess what! NO INTERVIEW REQUIRED. Cool or what? That's the only company that did this. AWESUM. And I felt truly blessed.

In Adidas, I did window display, yes, I OT till 3/4am? 2AM i could be still at MBS, 3AM at Jurong East? Now you know, it's not easy ok. To be honest, Adidas has contractors to get the job done whereas from my friend, theirs are completely tough. For ikea, you have to climb at least 1 and a half story high to fix the lights. You have to carry and move furnitures. That's like WTFREAK FOR ME. For robinson, as you know the new one at JEM, they displayed from SCRATCH. From nothing to something. You have to make sure you do checks in the morning, mop, sweep floor, make sure mannequins hair is combed, make sure everything is in TIP TOP condition. 

SO IS VM FOR YOU? Think about it.

Then for FYP, back to school, again I did on communication design work, did publishing, nothing to do with VM - enough of it. Struggled, Cried for almost every crit, telling my boyfriend, can I just die, Every night thinking am I in depression. Sounds exaggerating? But it ain't no lie. 

It came to a point when I felt like I just want to give up, someone just push me off the cliff, everything screwed, not going the way you want, EVERYONE IS FEELING THE SAME. We tend to get more sloppy and even our lecturers were PISSED OFF with us, to be very honest. There was a lot of contradictory, lies, jealousy, bias-ness going on and it really wasn't easy. Lots of quarrels going on here and there especially for the graduation show. I don't want to scare you guys off, but DESIGN is really about being able to take in criticism, Your work is ugly. You called this a design work? Do you even want to graduate? This is rubbish! WOOHOO, All the shit just came at you that you have to remind yourself - NEVER TO ABSORB THEM. The more you mind, the more it matters and end up, if you can't get it right under your control, it turns into a HATE for DESIGN.

But, be reminded that, all the pushing from lecturers is to make you better, to make you do more and make it better. If they see you struggling, they won't push you off the cliff. They will show you MERCY.

The end product of your work shows nothing to others BUT to you would be all your hardwork, sleepless nights, rushing of artworks, your perseverance, your pimples on your face(STRESS), EVERYTHING.

In overall, this course changed my perspective of how I look at things around me.

PS: We barely had holidays in Year 3.

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