Monday, 24 March 2014

-Advertorials- UglyyPony

We are the girls that needs shopping therapy.

UglyyPony // NeverUglyy started in 30th March 2013, focusing selling women apparels. With a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from, you are definitely spoilt for choices!!!

This piece of unique and high quality dress from this blogshop, totally left me speechless. Quality is satin, great for Singapore's weather. Their items are definitely worth the buy.

Instocks creepers for $15?!?!?! Are you sure you are not tempted? Hmm. Even I am, if you see me with that creeps means I was tempted - and yeah I bought it LOL.

Instocks from $4 and up, well, they are REALLY AN AFFORDABLE BLOGSHOP. I SWEAR UPON MY ***** HAHA. Like those creeps!!

ALSO, She also has a rack space at Far East Plaza (BLOGSHOP EMPIRE) #01-102  named UglyyPony, which means, wulala, you can shop around orchard conveniently without troublesome mailing procedures!

For Online:

Happy shopping babes :)

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