Saturday, 8 March 2014

<Advertorials> Shopatyittk & LtsofluffyLivejournal


Yet another trustable contact lens reseller! WOOHOO! Loving this lilac lens! Simply gorgeous and comfortable!

Her lenses are all imported from BKK ❤❤❤

Another pair of icy brown contact lens in c/o of Shopatyittk ! Thanks for bringing such comfortable lenses and also a trustable service!!!

---> www.instagram.com/shopatyittk <---

Looking for livejournal reseller? Here! I have one for you~~~ u~~~

Denim dolly dress that is so simple yet nice that you don't have to worry in the morning what combination to wear out. Her items are cheaper than LJ itself and she is a kind and friendly owner! Just as what I had mentioned before :p

---> www.instagram.com/itsooofluffy_lj <---

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