Sunday, 2 March 2014

Response for my 5th flea!!

In response to my 5th flea! I want I thank everyone that had came to support DAPINKRUBBISH & MEEEE <3 and thanks for all the food!!!

Everything was great except the taxis part. It just sucked to the very MAX.

When I took a cab to the place. This driver was damn weird. 
Just to raise this, I know its not a must to help your customer to put the luggage into the boot but I find that it's a *customer service* thing la. Normally the driver will alight and help me to put. But since he didn't, I ownself put lo.

*Went in the cab*
Me: Uncle, to 3 Jalan Kledek :)
Him: *Monotone* Where is that
Me: Um, near bugis Mrt, Raffles hospital, you know?
I started talking to my boyfriend. We were like, SIAO LIAO, he knows a not sia. *Whips open our maps*
Then drive halfway, got this car changing lane, was still quite far the distance, trying to change to the right lane. This uncle, SPED, to catch up and want to push him out of the right lane. The car shifted back to its original lane and then the taxi slow down and change back to the middle lane behind the car he wanted to push back. Um, If you get what I meant. I was like Oo.
Then again.
Him: Is it around here?
Me: I remember is all the shophouses one, looks like haji lane that kind, you know what I refering to?

CAN ACKNOWLEDGE ME A NOT SIA. TSK. I answer and he just give me the I don't give a freak face OMGNESS.

When we alighted the cab, my boyfriend was like, what a weird taxi driver. IKR.

Then story 2 of my cab journey. 
Me and my BF thought we going to die.
We hailed for a few taxis but NONE want to go woodlands. KNN. Still must choose one. I only want go orchard, changi or blah blah blah........
THEN, We thought a MIRACLE had happened. Got one cab stopped and was like hesitating should go woodlands a not and he seems to be rushing somewhere. So we loaded our things in his boot and cab back to my house.

HE SPED LIKE WTF. My boyfriend told me he holded my hand cause he thought we will die. LIKE WTF. YES WTF. He totally sped throughout the whole journey and kept emergency breaking. I told my boyfriend, I am so gonna vomit.

He overtook all the cars and he changed lane the moment there is a car blocking his way. So it was from, left to middle to right to middle to left to middle to right. 
Fine, then there was a jam at the way he wanted to took as there was an accident. We saw the sign and he was like TSK, hit the hand grip. Then he took another way and sped faster. HIS WIFE GONNA GIVE BIRTH ._. We don't dare to say anything cause later he kill us together. GOSH. 

Reached home, both of us, headache. My boyfriend went to nap a while after he ate something.


So here was the amount of clothes I needed to clear! I have to admit crowd was rather bad!! But it's ok! I manage to see my favorite customers!!! XIEXIEXIE NI MEN OH <3

Packing up to leave and candid two pretty babes. You ownself guess is who ok. Correct also no prize :p

Ah, shit! They caught me :3 now the dug down their head :(


Thanks Weilin for the STARBUCKS & KATONG LAKSA! It was awesome!!!! Sorry I forget snap the Starbucks drink, AH CRAP!

AH, then someone came to surprise me with PASTA WULAAAAALAAAA! YUMMY! She say cannot post put who she is. But if you know, you know! ▽・x・▽

Then! GINA and Her friend came to give me another Starbucks Drink!!!! I am in luck!!!! YUM YUM! The drink was really nice! Thank you so much for coming down and supporting me! And I gave them~~ a free best friend anklet!!!

Then, again! Ms Xueey, Skele X Bone bought me this CREPE. CONFIRM IS YOU! Don't fake HAHAHAHAHAH! 
Same favor as Cheryl and someone!!!

Bacon leh! Never eat before and I was so fascinated by it! 

One of my favorite customer that was so sweet and awesome!! Bought the most things among all the customers! Gave her a best friend anklet and a squishy! Hope to see u again real soon!!!!

My ootd, dress is from younghungryfree! From threeblindmice flea. What shag face is this. SIGHPIE.

Me and baby boy shag face after a long day of flea. Really damn tired. No joke about it.

Last portion of pasta, boiled it, shared with my sister and she was full of praises!!!!!! How can I not get fat uh! You tell me whole day of food.

My lootsoftheday from chiccottage! Needed to spice up my day via shopping! 

And on the side note,

Thank you Chic Cottage for the invitation again for this flea event :) !
And also, all of my lovely customers that are really so supportive that came all the way down to support me! I really appreciated all of your hardwork to find your way there! Send you guys LOTS OF LOVE yeah!

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