Friday, 14 March 2014

Graduation Show - Unit 14 - School Of Design NYP

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Time Past, Time Flies, Time is never waiting for you. I always remembered that good things will not last forever, just the same it goes for the bad things. 

On the first day of our graduation show, we had to set up the booths that were still not done. Thanks to MUS & Rui En for helping me with the panel!!!!!

When I first reached. 


So this was my table, my work. All of us have our own table to display our works. 

Casually taking photos with my classmates which I can't believe we are actually going to graduate! I feel so sad and happy at the same time. That mixed feelings, like 3 years just passed just like this. 

What I felt was like I just went to school maybe a few months ago, into school of design, shorter than my secondary school period. 

Or maybe it's true that, happy moments ends faster and sad moments tend to drag longer. 

Oh well, whatever it is what has came to an end has came to an end. 

 > Zara Demin Skorts
 > Turtle neck Top

 > White Cut In Top
 > Black Basic Drawstring Maxi

 > Lacy Cutout Design Short Dress (Young Hungry Free)


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  2. Hello! What design course did you take at NYP? :)