Saturday, 29 March 2014


It started off just like any other normal deals. But it ended of EPI-CALLY.

Firstly, my friend and I found it WEIRD when she said her phone was confiscated - dumb reason because carousell don't work on desktop versions. A smarter alternative to lie would be, I do not have whatsapp to send. At least it sounded more LEGIT ma.


She say she transferred, and also, she is the FIRST customer that say WHY NOT U UPDATE. I am just to lazy to update to IOS 7 as it's gonna erase my 13K photos. Aww man, forget it. And look at how demanding she is. OI I OWE U AH. I OWE YOU SOME BALLS MAYBE.

To just double confirm she really transferred, I asked her to send to my friend. 


She gave me this. SMLJ is this? Microsoft world or illustrator? You guys take out the real receipt and compare. Her's is neat until. I suspect this ATM is build at her house, weighing approx 4kg with a size of 17inches X 10inches X 14 inches and named photocopier. 

And also, Her bank account is clearly stated there. If you want forge, AT LEAST, put the real one beside and do LOL. You do until cannot pass cannot fail. In a receipt, your own personal account number will not be shown. So it's so dumbass that everyone can see this receipt is handmade with love by you.
(ノ_<) (FACEPALM)

I act blur, act like I don't know the receipt is fake. And also at this stage, I am 101% confirmed that you are DUMB. Really maximum level as you decided to give me your address. 

So you actually fraud payment to buy your friend a birthday present? Hmm. That's really kind of you and a heart of gold. 

Also, I realized my acting skill not bad, she actually believed. Hmm. You think I will be so stupid to mail out your items when I said I never receive in payment? JOKER. LOL. 

SEE THIS. She clearly said that, I TAKE PHOTO BY THE ATM SCREEN.

So are telling you are you and you are also your friend - split personality o: 

So I actually posted it in Facebook about this joker, she commented on my item and said that she is sorry?
LOL. Actually I am prepared that you might hate me and even badmouth me la. Cause I blacklist you and don't give you face. But when you even decide to FRAUD, I don't think you have a face already leh babe. But I trust HUMANS HAS EYES - of course, HAS A PAIR OF EYES to see who is right and wrong. 

SO APOLOGY REJECTED. I don't accept it. Even if you pay me $50 more for the bag, sorry, I still won't let you cover up. 

Money cannot solve everything - in my case. Am extremely sorry. 


So I suspect or should I say CERTAIN this girl is one of my friend in my FACEBOOK friendlist. Saw I was about to expose her she got SCARED. 

My purpose of doing this is - to warn others not to follow her footstep. I will not . WILL NOT accept this act and WILL NOT hesitate to CALL THE BANK and report on a FRAUD PAYMENT. Yes I will. Why wouldn't I? 

In conclusion, you are a lousy liar - you really can't lie #ithinkyoushouldstop #getalife #maintainplease


To continue, this girl (Deliana Ian) suddenly PM me in Facebook and also whatsapp me, 
That the girl was actually using her address, and yep, to SABO her and stuffs. Which I did not really expected?

Up to now, I am still confused in fact. Maybe you guys can read on ya. The conversation. 

Apparently this girl also got scammed by this women - cheapblogshop. 

SO THIS BLOGSHOP THAT I M FEATURING IS - CHEAPLOVEBLOGSHOP. To be honest, I still don't get why she is doing that to other people by saying out people's address while dealing with different Carousell owners. Purpose? I don't know. 

Anyway if you guys know, do drop me a comment below. Who knows if I am satisfied with your answer, you get a surprise mail from me. 

Thanks for helping in advance to solve the mystery and also listening to my crappppppp. 


  1. She's a scammer .. a friend of mine has been scammed by her too .. we are close friends . And that women who scammed us is one of my best friend ( used to be last time ) but now not anymore becuase of some big issue .. She's been kicked out of school because of us .. we complained to the principle thay she is very rude to the teacher and sometimes she even used vulgar words while she argue with the teacher and always cabot class .. And one fine day she called me and say " you watch out because of you ive been kicked out of school " and she hanged up.. I get to know that she used both of our address whn I get a called by the police station and I have to come down to the police station to take statement .. I reported to the police again the last 5 months .. and I hope this can help you to solved your mystery problems

  2. And the address that she have given to s_kysxcraper is my friend address .. that women stay at tanah merah ( the scammer ) .. She is trying to sabotaged us and make our life difficult ..

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