Thursday, 6 March 2014

Closing an eye.

Leave me your love, on me, internally and externally. 

1,3,4,9,11..... Been really long since baby boy had bought me something! So long that I couldn't recall and forgotten about as it wasn't important. We don't have the common practice of gifting each other things anymore when we gotten longer in this relationship!

SO TODAY HE SURPRISED ME WITH A KITTY! Haha! Cute hor! I am a big big hello kitty fan actually :) I used to own more than a thousand hello kitty item!! Some were too old and broken, so I kept it in the storeroom, some turned yellowish as their faces are white and yep, years of keeping it exposed to the air actually made it turned yelloweeee. So in fact it's a bit gross - imagine a yellow hello kitty. HMM. 

Had my home flea today and I am really glad it was successful!!!! Thanks for everyone that dropped by!
Yesterday --> 3 people. 
Today --> 9 people.

I need to say that I really appreciated it and thanks for making your way down <3

My home flea will be on till 31st march, excluding 10,11,12,13,14 and all Sundays. 
2pm and after :) 

Simply whatsapp me at 92288853 for an appointment :D

Finally my photographer is free to help me shoot my OOTD ah! He is working so I didn't met him the pass few days! Owe 3 advertorials and have to do them out by this weekend ASAP! Rushing school stuffs, touching up Blogshop orders, checking my new launch items shipping details. Ah, who says I am free?

So we took a break from work to nurture our relationship as we felt that it takes two hands to clap to make a relationship work out. Well, true enough, we were bought tired, lazy to move, lazy to watch movie and shop. But still, we put in the effort thinking its for our partner. 

Thanks baby boy for this hello kitty! I really love it a lot a lot and it would be in my hello kitty display collection! ❤❤❤

Changed my make up in fact. Yay or Nay to smudgy eyes? 

Today's buy of the day. Recently I couldn't get enough of all the chunky necklaces as they are just too gorgeous to be missed and I really really am in love with themmmm. 

Back to settling of my work. I am tired. I can't wait to go on a hiatus next month!!!

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