Tuesday, 18 March 2014

5th Year Anniversary & Bjeweled Nails

Time Pass Fast, 5th Yeaar anniversary. Sorry I owe this post so long, supposed to be on the 14th but oh well, what's the date again today. Oh gosh. Apparently, I need to do out my TO DO LIST, to make sure I miss out nothing else oh man.

Have you eaten the LONG THING at cineleisure yet? YES LONG THING, SWEET. The one thats 1 for $3.50 and 3 for $10. I was like, BABY, I WANT THAT LONG THING PLSSSSSSSS. He was like you meant mine? OK LOL, But we were just teasing, we want the sweeeet.

Somewhat overpriced but, I guess occasionally doesn't hurt!

Hi, Baby's sexy butt. My fringed bag looks like a furball monster GOSH.
So, we went to the gaming room to play kinect - the dancing game, danced like crazy, especially the gangnam style one, the horse like became crippled horse, OMG HAHA, can't forget it. Too hilarious.

Aiden's idea of putting a self timer, and *KA CHA*

We are the most blur couple ever - because we went in Astons at 6.10 and our movies airs at 6.45. WOW. We gobbled our food in 10mins and left Astons at 6.55 & we were glad the show only started when our butts started to rest well on the seatttt.

Mr Peabody & Sherman - Nice movie! HAHA, it was hilarious and I kept feeling stupid especially when I got reminded of  'A boy can adopt a dog, so can a dog adopt a boy' theory you know. It's like, in real life if a dog really adopts a boy, this is gonna be an insane world.  

Our food. *AHEM* If you want 6 pacs, baby, you should not double up your chicken anymore, you should actually ask them to shrink your portion :3

As usual, we spammed my #OOTD photos and took selfie, and yes, I did realized, how fast did time past and baby boy is gonna go into NS soon. Of course I know this is unavoidable, and no matter how sad I am, things still comes and go. At least I know, I want to spent the time I still have with him wisely and treasure every single moment he is beside me.



Raine, Millie & I went to get our medi / pedi done @ Bjeweled Nails! As usual Crisan had given her best service and I left with the most satisfied nails! I am really glad as patient & reasonably priced nails salon and manicurist still exists.

I can't explain to you guys how patient and detailed she was as you have to find out on your own while you experience it BUT I CAN ASSURE, You will wanna go back for more! TRUST ME.

Life is too short for regrets so pamper yourself now! And I was shock she told me she may be ending business which I AM HOPING NOT D:

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