Saturday, 22 March 2014

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My phone and I are inseparable, as I sleep with it, eat with it, *bathe* with it, and travel with it. How can we live without a smart phone? We want to get the best covers, the best way to take care of your phone ---> TA DAH A best skin for our phones!

I was amazed by their fast service. Basically I sent in my orders on the night around 1am+ and they mailed my item the very next day at 12pm?!?! I was shock that was in fact extremely fast as I thought customization might take time to create or whatsoever BUT THEY HAD PROVED ME RONG RONG RONG.

Look at the way they packaged it! It's really nicely and delicately packed up~

Ok, So pluck out my cover, clean my screen, bling bling. 

So, now I am ready to paste and decor my LIMITED EDITION PHONE SKIN!

The sticker is of real great quality. I have butter fingers, keep cannot aim zhun zhun, then I pull it off and resticked it again and again, gosh. But I was glad it stilled remain freaking sticky that my worries was not needed.

So, yep, I can peel it off easily with pretty ends as they diecut was clear. No such problem of a inaccurate diecut and difficulty to remove too.

SO TADAH, I AM DONEY! See the quality? So awesome. So lightweight. Its really awesome!!!!

You can actually choose to let it go caseless or a bumper or with a transparent casing. It stills look pretty awesome, I meant VERY AWESOME, and attractive as it's one of a kind! Totally really love how it turns out.

So, after your designing of your customized casing, you get to preview it before you add to cart! You are able to choose your own phone model and it's at a price of $12.90 ONLY!

So basically you upload from computer / instragram and it would appear on the bottom. Simply drag the image you want up! SIMPLE HOR! 

It allows you to rotate, overlap, zoom your photo to your desired placings and once done, You can hit the PREVIEW BUTTON!

You are ready to ORDER!!!!!


Simply enter the discount code UKBN10 for a 10% discount off your orders! 


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