Monday, 10 February 2014


I know many are unhappy why is this contest like not starting and yes, on my ASKfm too, I stop answering some questions. So this is a clarification post to clarify your doubts ok :)

The following questions are from ASKfm and some are not answered as I chose not to to avoid more tense. Pardon if you are unhappy.

Q: Is Hannah the owner of Umikate Sg?
A: Nope. I am sorry I answered it previously as yes as I thought she was. Apparently the person that is running it is her aunt and her cousin is her senior supervisor. She is like our supervisor and leads the 7 of us (7 bloggers) under her team. There is another team lead by another girl too. So please do not bear any grudges on her. I have no idea and no interest whether you have issue with her a not. Please show some manners and don't show me you are judging people on my wall. XIE XIE :)

Q: Will the contest be called off?
A: Nope. Definitely will not. Why would it not be called off? Because this is a real organization holding a real contest.

Q: Would you do anything if the contest is called off? Since you are the ambassador.
A: Actually to be very honest, very funny leh. Imagine this picture, five star tours closed down abruptly and the creative directors were not found at first, and you catch their worker, EH, YOU ARE THE WORKER, GIVE US EXPLANATION. What can a worker do? hmm. Ok, Btw just to add. THE CONTEST ARE ON GOING. WONT CALL OFF OK :)

Q: Why UmikateSg instagram so dead, no updates?
A: Apparantly they might be consolidating the participants photos. Don't too kan choing spider ok. I contacted my leader about it and she was overseas. People overseas we don't disturb la. Keep text her I also will paiseh *x* Doesn't means no updates = scam.

Q: I have a feeling it would be cancelled. What happens if they do? You will voice out?
A: Again, similar to Q2&3. I REPEAT. Will not call off. Will ask what happen nicely and not DEMAND.

Q: Umikate facebook and instagram no news no updates, why?
A: Maybe they busy picking winner? So many winners uh. Plus really must pick carefully. Plus they are all friendly and honest folks. We won't cheat you babes. Don't worry :)

Q: Babe , when will the results of umikate contest be out ? Curious much.
A: It was said that it would end on the 10th Feb at 11.59pm & ANNOUNCED on 11th Feb at 12 Noon. So, apparently its today end.

Q: Since you are an ambassador of Umikate , do ensure that they give the prizes of the contest . You will be a shame if they don't .
A: Yes, I answered this on Askfm liao. But seriously. Don't so fierce leh. I will scared. I cannot ENSURE they give. I am in no position to and YES, they are legit. Hannah already clarified. I think later she must be thinking why my area here so many people asking when the other bloggers there seems fine ...

Q: Umikate seems to be dead. When are they uploading the photos of the contestants ? My friends are curious . As you are the ambassador , give us an explanation of that ? Our classmates felt Umikate will cancel the contest soon.
A: Answered on Askfm too, I suddenly feel like I am a criminal? 


UmikateSg is LEGIT. Enough of question asking me will they cancel and if they cancel I must voice out for you all. ... ... If really need to voice, you all voice together seems to be more effective than I one person voice. 

I never want to offend anyone. But, I just need to let you all know, I have my own brain, my own thinking. You can't stop me from thinking and voicing out. But you can choose to UN-SEE or UN-LISTEN.

And I love my blog readers a lot. I hope I never offend you guys off o(U_U)o