Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thanks for loving me!

Special Thanks to AlmightyBel on Instagram for the surprise gifts, Uzicorn Ac for all the surprise gifts all along and also Itsofluffy Livejournal for the GA prize :)

All these are from Uzicorn Ac, She had sponsored me shoes, clothes and yes, I am really happy as she is always so nice, sweet and patient :) Always supporting me tgt eith my other 6 besties in the blogshop society! 

AlmightyBel is really such a nice girl. We hit off so well and I really like her a lot that I want to sponsor her ( I did actually ). She is just so kind and truthful and blog things so nicely <3 And I really love the handmade bracelet so so much, A perfect job done! Thumbs up!!! I LIKE! Plus its freesize make out of elastic band so can stretch and stretch like LUFFY LOL.

The for Itsofluufy Livejournal, one of the most friendly livejournal reseller ever. I can't wait to wear the dress out okehhhh. Wait for my photos <3 !! But to be truthful, we chat about personal things too! Cause she is just too kind and funny! Not those very sian replies like, ' ok ' , ' yea ', ' sure, thank u ' LOL Conversations are way more than that!!

So here's my OOTD! Looking great, happy in my jacket from Almighty! She opening instashop! So do support her yeah <3 !

Ok lo, playing at Just Acia. Camwhoring with a weird bunch of Uncle beside us staring LOL. This is hell epic cause there are 6 uncles all staring at us? O_O YOZ. C'mon, we are just snapping a photo, also not making out, need to like that stare a not :x

My treat! To celebrate end of his NYP~~~ 

SO BRAS WOOTS. Ok, don't judge me ah, leave any mean comments on Ask Fm I will ignore. So for the 2pcs set, it was only $12 EACH. For the 1pcs, its $8. The brand is felancy for the ($8), Young Hearts ($12).
I think there got Pirece Cardin also. The price is same at $12 but ORIG price higher. But design very mature. Don't suit me. 

My boyfriend was like, choose bra also need choose pattern. Also cannot see LOL.

Where to buy : Atrium (Sembawang Shopping Centre)

So, next month, 14th marks our 5th year anniversary. The ring with a heart cutout was bought 4 years ago during our secondary school times. Forking out $78 was a hell lot for us, I remembered. Scrimp to get a couple ring. 

How fast time flies, the hurt, the tears, the joy, the laughter, the moments, everything we had went through. even the ring looks so worn off. My goodness. Can't stand it so I went to replace it. And I couldn't decide on my boyfriend's finger size. It was meant to be a surprise. But it was a failed one. Sian. 

So, size 15 was great on him and mine was 7.
I paid $78 for this pair @ Couple Lab AMK.

Some relationships are not meant to be forced out. It's meant to be nurture and understood.

Never be afraid to leave if you feel hurt.
And never be afraid to try even if you feel there is only a glimpse of hope.