Thursday, 13 February 2014

SkinFood - Loots

So I actually went skinfood today to grab some skincare. Who doesn't wants fair and good skin leh. So here are the products I had bought, hopefully to help me have better skin, GOODBYE PORE PORE PORESSSSSSS. 

So, I grabbed this 5 products. 
> Black sugar deep cleansing cream
> Black sugar mask 
> Fresh Apple: Sparkling Pore Toner
> Fresh Apple: Sparkling Pore Emulsion
> Fresh Apple: Sparkling Pore Serum

So basically, toner is applied after you cleanse your face, then you apply the emulsion (moisturizer). If you have really freaking oily skin like me hor, I suggest you to start moisturizing your face! If not it would produce more oil and clog pores > and bumps on face.

Serum~~~ I forget act as what. Too many to remember. 



OK, basically it's to improve your skin tone, clear away your pore issues and makes your skin softer and smoother. 

I just tried it just now and I m madly in love with it. I SWEAR. 

This is the cleanser I had been sticking to. I bought it again and again simply because - its reasonable, it's able to stay nice smelling unlike some products that smells awful after sometimes, and best, it cleanse my quite thick foundation away quite cleanly. 

Here's the mask scrub! I just tried using it and I absolutely love this too! I had been switching scrubs and scrubs. 
Finally. Found something I truly love. 

Here's the freebies! I am a member of skinfood now! Because I spent $150 and above. OUCH. HAHA. 

This is a traveling kit that consists of I think toner, serum and creams etc. 

All he samples given to me for free~

I was rather tempted to get a bottle of the BLACK SUGAR PERFECT FIRST SERUM. Because I heard the promoter saying it increases the effect of everything you use by 10 TIMES leh. OMGGGGG. $56.90. Hmm.

And I was told the eye white mask/foam is to cure acne scars leh! OMG SO TEMPTING. I wanted to buy so many things. Oh gosh. Bo lui ah.

So.. Here's my membership card! 5% off everything. Birthday month : $10 off :)

Here's their name card for available skinfood stores in Singapore. 

And also, the back of the card is the instructions of what to apply in case you forgot! 

Loving the products I have gotten!

Remember. Skin care is important, than make up! Having good complexion = lesser to conceal!