Monday, 10 February 2014


Ah, sweet pillow. Was at my boyfriend aunt house for visiting! As usual this cutie pie bark when we first reach, and kept licking us. 

Me and that boy playing with the scale is our health at risk. This was under the block. Apparently mine was at red zone. And I was thinking of getting slimmer and lighter. I think by the time I m dead LOL. 化成无有. 

Gather gather to 捞鱼生 ~~

I never take after. Cause after is just POOF. HAHAHA. All the food all over. Even chopsticks (・・;)

After that went in edit photos for sticker launch. 

Baby was gambling. I don't gamble because I don't know how and doesn't interest me. HEEEE. 

SEE HIM. SO ADORABLE. Managed to make a short story of him. It's hard to take photo of a dog and everything is by chance!! You can't tell him what to do as he won't listen. He will run off, move about, hide itself. Having a headache to take a shot with himmmmmmm. 

I was thinking the mahjong table so noisy and he can sleep there? 

My boyfriend commanding him. Sometimes fail. LOL. It just blank off when my boy was talking to him. 

The red red thing is the aunt leg. We had to ask her to come cause pillow don't want take photo with me :( but its very obedient to the aunt OMG. She say stay she stood there HAHA. Damn adorable. Took like 8 photos. This was the best one. The rest ugly shit.

Took a bus home with baby boy and here is another day of my life! (^ω^)