Sunday, 9 February 2014

<Tutorials> Pixels Speech Bubbles

Hello babes! As requested! For the making of speech bubbles on your .. PHOTOS tutorial! 

Head to www.wigflip.com/ds/ and you will see the above screen. 

Please note: click the button Transparent PNG & not GIF. 

Press save image and it will redirectly you to this screen. 

Now for iPhone users, click and hold your finger you want to save and Save image. 
Now your photo would be in your camera roll!

For example this is mine. 

Launch the app, picsart and click on photo. Then find your picture that you want to edit on > click add photo. 

Go to gallery and pick your speech bubbles. 

Now, the bubble is out, you can shape according to your preferred size :)

Simply save image and tadahhhh! You are done :)