Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My boyfriend. My girlfriend.

( *`ω´)Shall first start off what did I did on mai Sunday Hao!

As usual, SG got nothing for poor couples like us > movie > eat > sleep > eat > movie. YAWNS. 

Ok skip the sleep, we only movie and eat as usual. I know you all read until sian, no new activity. *Tell to my boyfriend ok(−_−;)

Then we watched some Chinese show, DAMN HILARIOUS, go watch, it's nice and entertaining, 

The guys very funny. It's just very exaggerating. 

Before movie we went to buy this *squishy* where the tongue will BLOOP out which was too adorable to resist. It's called a blooper and now I goes what does bloopbloop means? LOL

And here marks my boring Sunday. 


And a bluey Monday, spent it off with my girlfriend. Who say I no friend?! (・Д・)ノ this is my friend. I don't post don't mean I no friends. Though I have limited friends. 

Bali Thai @ NEX YUMZ. It's damn yummy! And affordable. 
2 person $19 each. Plus the restaurant practices very good service. 

And here marks another end of my Monday Blues. 


Fatty Tuesday. Calories exploding. PAM. 

I WAS TOO HUNGRY TO POSE YO. Baby can still want to take selfie. 

Yummy hor? Looks at Wallet, one hole. looks at tummy, big ball. How I wish it was the opposite. 

I never fail to eat the same thing again and again. My boyfriend say, keep eat the same wont sian? See the same already sian half. 

Manufacturing stickers - - -

All my really GORGEOUS stickers I can't wait to launch - but I need to cut them first which is ASHFDHRNNDJXKFND ..

Cut 100+ pieces and went to cut in my dreams. 


Midi Wednesday. 

Brought to school continue cut. Classmates flock over as they were excited. Helped me and I gave them some for free. 

No OOTD // No photos cause today I am damn freaking hell lazy. In need of toilet and a bed. 

Eat too much so I need to detox - lemon. 101% squeezed from Lemon from NTUC. Even Blooper tongue is out. Lol. 

Drank a sip and mummy came in. HAVE A CROSSIANT! I MADE IT! Lol. Shituuuuuuuuuu. 
I want to detox. But let's not waste food la. LOL 

So here's my boring life. BYEZ