Monday, 24 February 2014

Love is.

True, Happiness,
Is not about the amount of ka ching in your pocket. 
Not about the amount of gift you can gift me. 
Not about how many numbers is in your account. 
Not about how enormous your estate is. 
Not about the numbers of vehicle you have. 
Not about how big the rock is. 
Not about what luxurious objects you can give to me. 

You should know better than my words, as my action proofs it all. 

It's about, 

The quality time you are willing to stay with me, priceless. 
The sincerity you express, priceless. 
The hardwork we fought hard for us to survive is all that matters, priceless. 
The transport that no longer matters where you can just hold on to my hand and send me home safely.
The meticulous thoughts of your proposal to me hoping to bring me joy, priceless. 
The basic needs we need and you try your very best to give me more if you could, priceless. 

Money. It's important. But had everyone overlooked it? Yes, we need it to survive.

A guy that has lots of money, willing to splurge on you, willing to buy you a bungalow, a BMW, a 10 CARAT ring, your favourite prada bag, doesn't means he loves you. 

It's just a satisfaction. To fill your void, to satisfy your hunger for your desires without working hard. 

C'mon. When you tell me you love him. Are you really sure about it? Or is it the fear of losing your ownage of the LVs, PRADAs, HERMEs etc. An end to your luxurious needs?

Of course, it's none of my business. 

Before I even judge people's relationship. I know people would be like saying why I am so busybody? You think yours perfect?

Tbh, no matter what I say, will offend some people? People don't all think the same way. That's why everyone is different and unique and see things differently. 

My boyfriend and I, we are not rich. We go on DUTCH DATE. Meaning, we pay our own things while we date. Unless on special occasions, we exchange treats. But it's not an individual kind of thing. 

My boyfriend doesn't buy me gifts. While it isn't a bad thing. Because, to dispense formality, 5 years together, I don't see the point of wasting unnecessary money. We can save this money for future needs. 
Last time I do give gifts. But yea, you see, no point. We need something, we work our ass off to buy. 
Sometimes, when we are out, if that thing I seemed to like, is affordable, he never failed to buy it for me to put on a smile on my face. I will too. 
I do not measure gifts by price. I measure it by his financial means. 

I work a lot in the past. Has some savings. As compared to him, he worked slightly lesser and has a lesser saving and income. 

The item he had given to me might be less than $XX. But I know to him it's worth a $XXXXXXXXX amount. 
For me I might had given him a $XXX gift. But I wouldn't grumble why isn't his gift on par. Because it doesn't work this way. 

5 years of sending me home. Which guy can send a girlfriend home everyday as long he meets her and never fails to let her walk home alone while he can reach home earlier?

When we started dating, he told me I will promise you, never fail to send you home everyday! - unless urgent things like work/family. 

If he could he would. 

Before I even praise him on further, I think his soul flew away already, *catch it back*. 

He too, have his flaws. He is quite impatient at times (especially cooking), addicted to game, lazy bumbum lazing at home. But who doesn't have. He accepted my flaws, thank god, and love me for who I am. 

When I asked him. Would you ever leave me?
Him: No. 
Me: Why?
Him: Because whenever I have the thought of leaving, I will think of your good points and hold on to this relationship. I will forget about your flaws. 

At times, I can't stop feeling fortunate. 

Because it's the best thing that can ever happen to me. Finding a right guy, like finally. That was able to bear with my nonsense. 

He is enlisting this year and I am praying VERY HARD, he doesn't get enlisted this April and at least, let me go on a holiday with him. Just once at least, before taking him away from me. I had never left Singapore(excluding twice to Msia) before and I am looking forward to it. To go overseas with him is such a big hope for me that if anyone pops it, I would die of depression and choke on my tears.

God. Please. 

Answer to my prayers, please. 


Because you would always cook for me, wash all the plates, mop the floor, in order to make me have a fulfilling stomach. 

How can I not appreciate this love? 


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