Sunday, 23 February 2014


I know I had always been recommending only picsart ----- SO, I am back to recommend another two apps that I had used previously.

Alos, I had promised to share some good photo editing apps with my readers! SO HERE YA GO <3

Both Apps are FREE in the App store, not sure if its Android supported but yep, it's FOC so no haarm trying too!



1 > Enter the application.

2 > Select your desired photo from the album.

3 > Select your desired background depends on your photo style. If you do not want a backdrop, simply use your fingers and zoom in and adjust accordingly.

4 > Once done, You can add your text, choose your color, left/middle/right aligned. The Grey circle thing is the drop shadow of your text.

5 > Afterwards, you can choose your desired fonts.

6 > Under Boders & Shapes, you can choose if you want to implement on your photos, it leaves the shape there like a clipping mask and you can adjust the opacity according to your preferences.

7 > Under Light FX, its somewhat like a bokeh effect for you to overlay onto your image. Opacity can be adjusted.
Textures and Patterns are different effects which you can try out too.
*HINT* Do not put too much, if not it would look too complicated and messed up.

8 > Now, you can adjust your photo brightness and contrast!

9 > Once done, Simply hit save to gallery // social medias!!


1 > Creating those blurry, double image photos on picsart but can't get it? Maybe this is another alternative for you! Open the application, choose your image.

2 > Open another image and hit the two buttons on top.

3 > This setting would pop out and you can adjust it accordingly.

4 > After that, just save it! 4 easy steps to get it done!

Any questions ---> ask.fm/jean_kuah 

Hope this was helpful! v(^__^)v

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