Monday, 17 February 2014

Delusional X Jean Kuah Page Giveaway

My shag face after 1/1/2 hours of giving birth to baby brownies in the toilet.
Massive pain that no antiseptic can cure me lor. 

This top gotten from ohmysmoothies flea last year i think. Rotting in my cupboard wailing for me to wear her out. 
Just casual and sporty, feeling rather comfortable in it. 
Large armhole and I wore my black sports bra inside. 

Since its been quite long since this photographer help me take photos, I need make sure he never rusty so I ask him SHOOT properly >:( plus I am sick. So must shoot nice nice then I leave.

Sometimes hor. I seriously do not like my face shape. BO CHIN LEH. (。-_-。) Sian half.
Actually I never felt I look nice. I always telling my bf, I damn ugly. My skin is bad. My face shape is bad. My eyes are bad. Actually I am ugly. So even when people compliment. I STILL FEEL ITS UGLY. 


Recently emoemo. Just felt like everything is going wrong in my relationship. My boyfriend and I are fading. Less and less understanding, more and more misunderstanding making it so hard to communicate. 

Going to Taiwan, I don't know it's good or bad at the end. It doesn't really seem like its good. I have my own stand. He has his own stands. At times I feel and I think, would a couple with different interest gel? How? I love red. You hate red. You love games, but i don't. 

I wish. How I wish. 


I am going to have this giveaway for my blog! Best Friend anklet! With silver and crystal, it's a exquisite anklet you should never miss having with your buddy.

One set to be given away!!!!!!!!

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