Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ask Fm ( Best question asked )

Yawns. It's near 2am. Am very de bored so I shall blog one post.

Am super pissed off with one Askfm question. 

Rules. Never talk bad of 3 things in my face (if you have balls) or behind my back (if you have no balls). 

Rule number 1:
Talk bad about my Boyfriend. 

Rule number 2:
Talk bad bout DPR that ruins the reputation. 

Rule number 3:
Insulting my close kins. 

I m not over reacting but I felt so mad by how could someone ask this kind of ridiculous question? LOL. TAO KA PAI AH. 

Lol your question don't seems very *CLARIFYING* but more of DEMANDING AN EXPLAINATION. I don't remember I owe you a living. Paiseh. 

To break it down:
Hey, your items that you stated brand new is it Preloved? 
* I saw you wearing them, why do you stated brand new? *

This one is very serious hor. You see > you assume. So you see your boyfriend on the street with a girl talking, you assume they got an affair? Cause you see mah. YOU SEE. 
(Fair ah, you touch my golden rule, I touch back one)

Meaning I sell clothes = must sell one pcs per design? Nope I don't. If you had been a regular customer, which I doubt so, you will know I have more than 1 pcs of stocks. 

And also, no customer came back to say hey your item got problem blah blah. Unless really later got people want SABO and say that. And problematic items > gets to be exchanged. And yes I do exchange. With the same design or of that design OOS, another design. 

Plus, I know people link jean kuah + dapinkrubbish so closely. You think I DUMB MEH. SIAO. Dig one hole and jump in?! I m too young to die. 抱歉hor. And I won't do this kind of thing. 

And btw, yes, my stocks are accumulated since 2013 JUNE. Recently never launches much cause of my final year project. But I kept a few clothings that I liked. 

AND ALSO TO ADD. I model the clothes and post on my blog and Instagram is for people to see how it looks like when worn and not wear it out for some. 

The rest is my own choice to keep it. 

If you had read this post, my suggestion is next time you have enquiries, you can PM me as I prefer people with balls :)

And I m super friendly to people that are nice to me. 
Otherwise. I don't think I need to spell it out. Just eat my SACARSM :)

Thanks for reading. Have a happy Chinese New Year ^^v