Sunday, 2 February 2014

Apology X winner for YouTube subscriber

Sorry if recently I had been hot headed going through too many shit and yes my mood is really super bad that I can't help to attitude some ass that are mean to me. I m just trying to defend myself. If I don't, the same things would happen again just like 3 years ago. 

I felt really sad because my defending > turns into > attitude during the process and I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. Yes, I should never take this kind of silly questions to heart so easily. But it's just not very nice when you are accused and you just have to swallow it back. 

And plus I never liked when people drag my Blogshop / my bf into the pic. It's just too.. And I get real agitated. Maybe I need some anger management course haha, to stop me from being so asshole. Yea, I know I very asshole *_*

But of course, I am a human, I do make mistakes. If you do not like me, I won't try to make you like me too. 

As in I cannot please everybody. 

But of cause I m sorry for my really bad attitude. SO-RIIIIIIIII D:

AND FOR THE HAPPY PART, thanks for taking part in the LJ Loots giveaway! Thank you for taking part and subscribing to my YouTube channel!
Congratulation to .. MICHELLE ANG'

Simply choose any apparel you prefer (subject to availability) from my LJ album / website and get it for free!!!! It's your prize :) !

Please do claim your prize by 5th Feb if not would be re-chosen. 
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Thank u for all of your support especially my loyal readers! I really love you all lots! MUACKZ. 

Next YouTube video >>>> double eyelid sticking. 

Cheerzs :D