Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I feel towards blogshop using LJ photos.

So.. Livejournals. Sounds familiar right? Who doesn't knows about it? What is it about? What is my concerns?

As reviewed on the net:
  • One in two users visit LiveJournal to shop. That’s 480,000 users EACH month!
  • LiveJournal blogshop transactions represent around six percent of Singapore’s forecasted e-commerce volume in 2011. Wow!
  • LiveJournal hosts more than 50,000 blogshops in Singapore. How many of them do you know?
  • What you can buy on LiveJournal: Clothes and fashion accessories (duh!) to muffins (Yum!), most are sold from home.
  • Blogshops have on average eight transactions a month with a per-item sales price on S$20.
  • This means, about S$8 million worth of blogshop transactions flow through LiveJournal Singapore EACH month or a combine total of S$96 million for the year!
  • 80 percent of the blogshops make less than S$500 a month
  • 10 percent earn more than S$2,000 a month, with the highest reported at S$20,000
  • Less than 4 precent of the active bloggers and blogshoppers say they use paid advertising to drive online traffic. Instead they advertise for free in LiveJournal’s many forums and communities.

So livejournal is more or less an online shopping store - in Singapore. 

Ok back to topic!

Popular livejournals, Ashincans, Lastbusride, Wonderstellar etc, there are more to list down, all of them STRUGGLE to keep them self looking good (brand image), such as taking PROFESSIONAL photos, hiring PROFESSIONAL models, creating a unique logo, name cards etc to make people know and REMEMBERS them.

However, I had never seen this issue raised. As in maybe they wanted to raise it but even if they did it wouldn't improve either. 

The concern of people using their photos WITHOUT CREDITING THEM. 
Yes, might sound like anyway their models also the same where can differentiate blah blah blah. 
BUT, most of them will add watermarks. IT'S EXTREMELY WRONG TO REMOVE THE MARKS.

I know that there are many LJ resellers around. As in its not wrong to sell, I also understand that the cost price is rather high. So you have to sell it at a certain pricing. 
But I find it a JOKE when I saw a livejournal reseller sell MORE EXP than tee livejournal. LOLWTF. 

And think about it this way, livejournl prices are steeper because:

1. They need to pay for their registered business - need to report their earnings. 

2. They need to pay for models. 

3. They need to pay for photoshoot studios / photographers. 

4. They need to pay their different teams (if they have) their salary (customer care service team, marketing team etc)

5. Pay for their own domain yearly. 

Although some amount might seem small, but adds up to a lot. In case you guys don't know, registered business, will actually have money deducted - pay tax. 

So you think they earn a lot? Last time when I didn't know, I thought WAH LJ earn a lot, the price so exp. but actually breaking it down it expensive expenditure.

Unless they outsource out of SG, if not its rather impossible to earn a lot of money. 

And when you RIP their photos and set up a store to sell, their photos they PAID FOR ends up competing with their own shop. WOW. HAHA. 
Perhaps there are PROS & CONS. 
Your store image might improve as people shares around virally online. 

But still there would be other way to advertise. But when a specific livejournal reseller is set up, using their photo, selling same price, no need to hire model, no need to book photoshoot studios, no need pay rent. Imagine who is the real one making tons of money. 

As in all these are my point of view. I am not siding any side nor pin pointing resellers. 

Just sharing what I really feel about this issue.