Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hey guys.

Back to blog for today, Less guilt, did my project + sent in CO orders + packed parcels. 

Had been discussing should I shut down DPR (Da PinkRubbish). I would love not too. Or should I check my name to DAPINKRUBBISH instead of JEANKUAH? Muahhahahahah!

When I started DPR, earning was to sustain my spending of course, but also to know new people. And I managed to know my 6 sexbombs, my family tree in Blogshop society. No doubt I love them and also those others that always supported me. Those that baked for me, bought me gifts. A lot more, and I m more than thankful. 

Recently, things got tougher. 

Sales got affected, competition gotten tougher, people owe money don't return, school work getting bad to worse.. More and more. 
It's tough to manage my final year project. 

I have to admit I am a little ambitious at times, as in who doesn't? I want to be able to earn from my Blogshop + create a name for it. A brand for it. 

Now, I have two choice, maybe you guys help me pick one?

Basically, I am planning to sell only SHOES(SOCKS) + HAND BAGS + SNAPBACKS. Not really going to continue for apparels. 

Continue DaPinkRubbish shop name and convert it to a new shop with new things inside. 

Discontinue this brand and start off a new again! Mainly only handbags / SNAPBACKS / shoes. 

I would be targeting the age group of 17-25 years old instead.

Of course I wouldn't forget all my lovelies even If I were to close, which I hope not cause I really really REALLY LOVE YOU guys..

I shall blog again tomorrow or something as I feel really sleepy!!

Please don't worry about me ok! I just need some time to think. 

BUT REST ASSURED. All deals stills goes on! Remember that DaPinkrubbish will always be there to satisfy your shopping needs and your trust towards online shopping. 


See my OOTD ok, don't think too much! :)

My dearest readers, have a wonderful night.