Thursday, 30 January 2014

<AD> Trustable Contact Lens Seller

Hello babes~ ! I know it's getting difficult to find a trustable online lens seller nowadays and there are many many scams!! 

So today I want to share with you babes this Blogshop. 

Thanks Dollie Wawa Lenses for the sponsored lens!!

Packed received in great condition! :)

Carefully bubble wrapped by owner, how sweet!! <3 Every pair of lens comes with one casing for FREE!!!

She gotten me a pair of green candy lockouts lens! It's really comfortable and yes. I love it a lot. 

Loving the details and the overall look of it. 

Check her out on Facebook!

She is now selling Instocks lens,
Degree > $10.00
No Degree > $12.00

She is very trustable and her service is really good!
Lens are hard to find nowadays as many sellers that sells lens are liars. 

Don't go for the wrong one ok! :)