Friday, 24 January 2014

Special Dedication


We started off as strangers, well who doesn't, but we stared at each other like ah beng (your long fringed) and ah lian (my tweety bird hairstyle w/ 10 studded piecings wanting to like slap each other at that stairs. 

Who knows. 
We are already about 5 years together soon?

During sec 3 we met. I gotten rid of my side fringe and gotten a nerdy bangs with side feelers. 

I know this photo, looks weird. I don't know why I like to act cute. OMGNESS. Can't believe you had highlight last time. SO FUGLY HAHAHA

This photo was taken with your family chalet back then. Awkward. Miss your old specs. You look gross and cute. ♡ 

This was us when we graduated in sec 4, a year later. 

Poly Year 1 ~

Poly year 2 ~

Poly Year 1~

Poly year 1 ~ 

The timeline of how we grew in photos. Yes, photos are so precious. We can't travel back in time to take photos. I treasure every second with him, day by day, we grow, older and mature, stronger and stronger until we are old. 

When we first met, we are like *erhem* HOW DO I LOOK MUAHAHHAHA. FAT HUH. Don't know why look so fat leh. Maybe camera la. Primary school even more fat. Btw my boyfriend was BOTAK OK. So I fall in love with an NS Head guy. 

So.. How did we exactly met after the staring incident?

Well, I went in into his class randomly which was just right beside my class and ask one of my girl friend, do you want to catch a movie? I m bored. 

Then, we started asking the guys beside, WHEN I DON'T EVEN KNOW THEM. WHAT GOTTEN INTO ME MAN. *He was botak so he didnt dare to stare already actually* 

So we actually went to the movie and we shared a lollipop? lol OMG. 

Ok fuck, Nevermind, then, we started chatting and liked each other and then WE GOT TOGETHER - 14 March 2009

LALALALA. We would be five years this upcoming march! 

So this is how we met and how nonsensical was it! HAHAHAHA!!


Thanks for being here for me for the past few years. I fell and you never failed to pick me up. Motivate me to pass my exams, motivate me to hang on with DPR, motivate me to be confident about myself. Too much to even name it all out. Well, I really love you a lot, yes, I thank god for letting me met such a wonderful guy - not saying you don't have flaws. But we accept our flaws and we appreciate each other.

Many things had happened in between us, lies, betrayer etc but we didn't went separate ways still.

I guess, what's meant to be, will be.