Thursday, 30 January 2014

OOTD X Last meal before his Msia trip!!

Loving my OOTD, got some praises for the broomy jacket, got laughed by some people too, but whatever it is, LOVE MY JACKET, so style style :p

Teardrop Top from @/UzicornAz
Zara Skorts from @/Lovelyitemss
Shoes from @/Dapinkrubbish

Went to westmall for Bali Thai! I love the food!!!!! ESPECIALLY THAT DELICIOUS TOM YUM CHICKEN SOUP :D

For tom yum lovers, you should head to try! <3 It's spicy and sour enough that I loved it~ Although it's quite a small pot, it's worth my penny.

It's about $12 per pot, $10 per plate of pineapple rice~

Missing my baby boy already, hopes he comes back asap :)