Friday, 31 January 2014

My CNY! How's yours?

Back to doing a proper post. Had been so un-serious in my blog post and shortcut-ing all the way uh D: so-sor-li. 

Ok! How was your new year people! Mine was rather like a normal day felt with awkwardness and stuff. OMG. After the gathering I realized how not bonded I was with my relatives. We are like worlds apart, even when we eat, I can sense that awkwardness. 

I don't even dare to take photos of the food so.. Paiseh ah, no photos for you guys. 

Lai my angpows, total got.. Why should I say?

Anyway it's just the thoughts that are important. Not the value. Of cause money leh, who don't want la. But then don't you feel it's the blessing that's more important? When people bless you good health, good luck, good studies. All these can't even be bought with money. 

So disappointed when I opened Facebook, saw people FLAUNTING CASH, not ANGPOWS. My god. Since when did I do that back then. 

People commenting so good so much money I also want. WTF. Be contented with what you have la. Grumble so much for what. 

Failed wink. 

Just to add on my relatives all very low-middle income. So my angpow is not *BOOM*. 

But whatever it is, I am happy. Even a 4 bucks makes me happy. 

Give you all more OOTD photos, photos turned out well, my photographer (BF) away to Malaysia so my sis replaced him. But HMM, NOT BAD LA! I LIKE!

My reunion dinner yesterday, basically, I loved it! Although its not steamboat, not abalone, just simple dishes, it still taste wonderful as we are eating together as a family. 
My parents are getting older year by year. I just want to cherish the time I still have with them. Some things don't stay forever. 

I didn't realize my lipstick looks weird today. AH BT WHATEVER LA. Just use this as closing post photo. 

So I hope you babes had enjoyed your 2014 Chinese New Year, cherish everyone around you, creating a stronger bond, and for students, may your studies get A***, for adults work will go smooth smooth, for elderly health good good good!

And of course Blogshop business HUAT AH!!!!!! ❤