Monday, 6 January 2014

Dinner with Lovely Items ❤❤❤

*This is a late post, suppose to be on Sunday, 5th Jan :)*

*Dont know got spell correct or not*

Went for group discussion from, 11am-4pm at Starbucks and I am going to knockout. 
It's damn tedious and TEDIOUS. But.. The best part is behind!

Met my best sister again today for dinner lalalalala~ we love to chat non stop MUAHHAHA! She bought me to TONKICHI for dinner! The food was yum yum but something more than food just happened!

We met a hidden gem. GEM. REALLY A GEM LA. I SWEAR HE LOOKS VERY MODELISH. As in my boyfriend still looks the best of course. Hahaha. Nobody can win him la. But this guy, Jun, has really got the model look and feel!

If you want to see him, go to that restaurant leh! No joke!! You will be surprised. I never 发花痴! 

After the dinner we went toast box to chill~

Camwhore again at MRT! Why you so pretty sis!

Ok, I die die also want to force out an OOTD LOL. So, my foot was hurting because the shoes is new and it's *biting* me. But because I damn PERSISTANT, I WANT TO TAKE OOTD MAN! 
So I crippled my way to the toilet that has big mirror. 
Can't believed I did this. OMG. I m really unsavable from OOTDs. 

Cotton on items arrived and once I reached home I immediately started packing. 


I PACK THIS RULER. OMG. IT'S DAMN HARD LA. STICKING OUT FROM THE PARCEL :( and worse is that the middle finger is like challenging my patience I swear. 

Somethings I bought at étude house. OMG SEE THE THREE COSMETICS IS LIKE $40+. Then the mirror is free. 

I don't really know they were giving mirror leh. I just took it when they say its free. HEHEH, AUNTIE ME.