Saturday, 18 January 2014

<AD> Chanel Nails X Bjewel Nails

When I first opened my email, it was Nail sponsorship! I was really excited about it!!!!

My Chanel nails. My first ever treatment. 

See my short short nails. My ugly cuticles.

Fourth finger my god. 

She exactly did out what I want on the nail sample! See that! It's 100% alike!!! 

HOWEVER. My nails was too tiny weeny! I can't do the extension and the French tip (black part) !!!!!

I was so sad D: but, she said, lets just try and we see how it goes ok! 


Buffing of nails ~

Coating ~





70% done~


Because my nail too small la, so have to accommodate with the smallest rhinestone! HAHAHAHA. 

She was really patient and detailed. To be honest, my nails was damn short so it's hard for her to paint. She need to paint very very carefully, so that it wouldn't get out of place and paint my entire finger. HAHA. 

She was very friendly and funny too. We chat a lot and she answered a lot of my enquiries and I am thankful for all the knowledge!


Express gel mani $35, 
Classic gel mani $50. 

Express gel pedi $40,
Classic gel pedi $60. 

Classic gel mani + pedi $100.

Hard gel overlay $90, hard gel overlay + extension $120. :) 

Soak off is $10, but it's free upon new gel set :) 

The price rate is really a good price if you know nails!

Last time, I never appreciated nails. Then I was like WALAU, SO EXP SIA DO NAILS. CON MONEY. BUTTTTT NOW.
To me it's like an art, just like how exp an artwork painting can be and you need to pay tons of money to get it because you appreciate it. 
Nail art takes a lot of Effort + Patient + Passion to complete. It's not easy to SIT 2-3 HOURS there for each customer and focus. 

So don't be a cheapskate! It's really worth it! Every girl deserve the nicest and best nails!!! ❤Z

Where is it & how to go?!

Take train to ANG MO KIO Mrt station.

Find your way into AMKHUB, find SUBWAY. The entrance/exit is just beside it!
The moment you exit,  You see a McDonald in front of you. Turn your right  and walk straight all the way till you see a traffic light. After crossing the road, you will see koi. The back of koi is this shop!!!

The pinky poster CONFIRM attracts you la! 

So do go support her! She is a young and lovely lady ❤❤❤