Friday, 10 January 2014

Bare Face - Reveal X Make Up Products

> ALL ITEMS ARE BOUGHT BY ME FULLY, Hence reviews are truthful. What you see is what you get. 
> Don't judge me. As in, I am fine if you comment that I am ugly. I really don't give much shit but of course I will hurt a little. 
But because you heart is even more ugly than my face and your mouth is rotten. *Gross*
Of course I know I am weird without that make up. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE MAKE UP TO ENHANCE THEIR LOOK. 


Lets see some before make up photo:

Without makeup photo:

Comparison photo:

ER MAI GOD. NO CONTACTS LENS. NO FOUNDATION (only sunlight filter) if not really is ugly like FUCK.) 
I look so old and shag right. BECAUSE OF NEVER ENDING WORK & STRESS & SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. All my *youth* is fake. All from make up, sadly. 

I have super low self confidence. When I walk out without make up, people think I have CANCER. LOL. 

Below are the cosmetics I had been using for quite a year or more. I love them and recommends some. 

Which girl doesn't wants to be pretty? Don't be lazy! Spend an hour to doll yourself! :)

Kimchi lenses in blue. I like kimchi lenses because they are thinner and more comfortable to be worn!

The first thing applied on my face would be the PORE EVER CONCEALER. I have to be very honest. My skin is VERY BAD. I have very bad acne in the pass and ACNE SCARS do not go away. And since I can't make it go away, I have to hide it. 

Where to buy: Étude House. 

Cost: $18/$20 range per tube. 

Recommendation: 4/5

Maybelline Foundation
Matt finishing which smoothens your skin and gives its a younger and healthier skin look. Hides away the impurities on face. 

Magic BB Cream (Étude House)
A popular Korean preference which is a concealer + foundation which works almost the same as the maybelline foundation. However it has a more oily finishing for my case. 

In comparison, I love the maybelline foundation more as its less oily throughout the day. 

Where to buy:
Maybelline Foundation: Watsons Drugstore. 
BB Cream: Korea, Online. 

Maybelline Foundation: $23+
BB Cream: $20

Maybelline Foundation: 4.5/5
BB Cream: 3.5/5

Oil control powder that is gentle on skin. A thin layer to be applied after foundation (for me). Good for oily skin. 
In the middle of the day, when my face gets oily, I would pull it out and brush a thin layer across. 

Where to buy: Étude House

Cost: $18+/-

Recommendation: 3.5/5

Compact powder for a complete finishing look. This comes in a few shade and I love this compact powder a lot. It's in pretty pink casing and comes with a mirror inside for easy touch up of makeup without being in the toilet for the mirror. 

Where to buy: Étude House

Cost: $25+

Recommendation: 4.5/5

Bahama Mama Bronzer: To contour and create illusion of a slimmer face shape. Bronzer is for all skin tone, simply brush across lightly and brush away the access on your hand, then on your face across. 

Kate cover: A combination of Bronzer + Highlighter. Compact and easy to carry around outside. 

Face Brightener: To highlight areas you want it to be shown. For higher cheekbones, higher nose bridge and a perfect forehand. 

Where to buy:
Bahama Mama Bronzer: SASA
Kate cover: Watsons, drugstore. 
Face Brightener: Étude House. 

Bahama Mama Bronzer: $40
Kate cover: $25+
Face Brightener: $10+

Bahama Mama Bronzer: 4/5
Kate cover: 3/5
Face Brightener: 3.5/5

Pinky Blusher(left): a glowing blusher that makes your cheeks looks livelier and younger. Cute puff provided to puff it on your cheeks. 
Orange Blusher Majolica Majorca (right): A japanese cosmetic brand with a more natural finishing. Creates a natural blush. The most natural finishing and makes it looks like blush with no blush. 

Where to buy:
Pinky Blusher(left): Étude House
Orange Blusher(right): Watson, Drugstore. 

Pinky Blusher(left): $15+/-
Orange Blusher(right): $23+

Pinky Blusher(left): 3/5
Orange Blusher(right): 4.5/5

Brushes. SASA. 

Eyebrow Mascara: Fast filling of brows and has a less harsh finishing. Makes it looks natural as if its your real brow. Apply it gently and in a thin layer. 

Eyebrow Pencil: To refine your undefined brows and makes it look like its been diligently trimmed. 

Where to buy:
Eyebrow Mascara: Étude House
Eyebrow Pencil: Étude House

Eyebrow Mascara: $13+
Eyebrow Pencil: $6+

Eyebrow Mascara: 4/5
Eyebrow Pencil: 4.5/5

Eye Charm: Thin tip for easy correction and easy to apply. Comes with stick to poke your double eyelid as desired. Waterproof. 

Eye Talk: Thicker tip as compared to eye charm but is more recommended by others as the most popular double eyelid glue. (I used it as fake eyelash glue instead). Waterproof. 

Where to buy:
Eye Charm: SASA
Eye Talk: SASA

Eye Charm: $10
Eye Talk: $13+

Eye Charm: 4.5/5
Eye Talk: 3/5

Heroine Liquid eyeliner that is in dark deep black. Long lasting and does not smudge at all. Stays as perfect as it is throughout the long day. 

(Basic brown crayon liner on right)

Where to buy: Watsons, Drugstore. 

Cost: $19

Recommendation: 5/5

Maybelline Falsies Mascara that extends your natural lashes. 

Where to buy: Watsons, Drugstore 

Cost: $15+/-

Recommendation: 3.5/5

Natural Lashes that makes eyes looks more captivating. 

Where to buy: SASA

Cost: $20 per box. 

Recommendation: 4/5

NYX lipstick: A creamy finishing, but does not last the whole day. 
POP STICK: Pop stick is able to last very long and requires little touch up after meals. 

Where to buy:
NYX lipstick: SASA sales atrium
POP STICK: Étude House

NYX lipstick: $10

Make up products are not really very cheap. But you need to find the best products at the best price! Hopes this helps ❤❤❤

Lets stay preeeeewty!

Would you guys want a makeup tutorial? 

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