Thursday, 9 January 2014

Advertorial - Lovely items

Minnies raiding my body, black and white living in me. 

Item One: Authentic Zara X Mickey Maxi Dress
Decked into it and I felt so secure in it. Loving the slits at the side of the dress. 

Item Two: Authenetic Zara X MICKEY Tee
It's casual and beautifully printed. I don't need any shorts. I want to go crazy just like the amount of crazy Minnie's on the top! 

Item Three: Meow you Collar White Top
To my surprise.. It was not sheered and it's still light and comfort suitable for the stupid Singapore weather. 

Item Four: Unicorn Top. 
Take a dream, be lazy. Too comfortable that you will sleep in it. 

Item Five: Chrome Hearts Top
I look Gothic but I ain't gothic. I love the cut. I love that awesome finishing. 

Item Six: Stylenanda Heartbroken Pullover. 
Don't break my heart. If not I poke you back with my studs. 

Couple tee collection, upcoming on website during valentine!!!

** Apparels all are fully sponsored by @Lovelyitemss (insta)

Do support her launch. Most items are sold out! Next launch of hers is on sun :)