Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Lovely Items X Uzicorn Ac Flea

Recently kept FLEA here FLEA there until I want to FLEE away. 

So on Sunday (21st dec) I went to Uzicorn Flea @ Lucky Plaza, I swear the place is the most EFF-UP flea ever. It's bloody hot, the moment me and sparkled step in, we almost choked to death. NO JOKE. 


The left packet and top packet is from Uzicorn. The right packet is from a random seller wishing me a merry XMAS~

Things I bought from Uzicorn Flea, gave almost half of it away as gifts already :)


I met sparkled at 5pm and I had to leave at 5.30 to meet my customers at 6.30pm :( I wish I could have accompany sparkled further to lovely items flea :(

Ah, after meet ups I met up with my boy to catch a movie, Last Vegas? Show is hilarious but no plot.

After movie, dinner. Just ate at a random food court, I ordered porridge. I love the porridge. It's freaking big bowl for $3 only eh. Someone the taste is nice. 

Then I collage this comic to let baby boy troll xD

That's about it for that Sunday :)


Beauty Products I bought on Monday. I swear all these are fucking exp, but bobian, need to use, need to get. Like that is $100 Liao leh. 

It's Christmas Eve! CHRISTMAS EVE! Wonderful Tuesday shopping @ lovely items flea @ scape.

Bought 3 bags for $100+ SPEND AGAIN :(

After shopping, met with baby boy again and have our favorite NASI LEMAK YUMYUMYUMYUMYUM. 

Laying out what I bought from lovely items <3

Sorry image so blur, XMAS gift from a customer of mine ❤❤❤ thank u! I love it ^^

Lovely items send me this image and told me she can't see so I ask my bf take a photo of my on how I see. MUHAHAHA. And how it looks like from my eyes. 


That's all, Bye!