Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fucked The Year End.

The year end is really a bad year end for me and I m fucking serious about it. Somethings cannot be mentioned here until a certain suitable time where I would reveal it eventually.

Where should I start? The flea? Ok! Saturday Flea @ F1 Pit Building. 

At first I was regretting why did I hold a booth there. Because I am barely able to manage my studio proj (graduation work). This is really tricky to juggle my time between my blogshop and my studies. 
I can't deny that blogshop would affect me as it would affect my timings spent on it and my timings spent on work. However if, there isn't Da PinkRubbish, I wouldn't even want to do anything. Nothing motivates me more than Da PinkRubbish, watching it grow, and my boyfriend and family too. 

However my parents are not being very cooperative at this period of time. As new year is approaching, they insisted that I would have to clear all the clothings. This is rather impossible because there is so much, how can I clear it in such a short period of time. 
Because I m busy rushing everything, I don't have time to RE SORT out items. 

Day before yesterday I took an hour of sleep and yesterday I took about 3 hours of sleep. 
I m once again super sleep deprived and I am hunting for corners to hide to sleep later. Who wouldn't be tired. We are all humans. 

This last project, not motivated at all. Trying my very best to already push myself till the end. But everything has a limit and I m hitting my limits soon. I want to get it done but, I just..

The stress, the sleepiness, the responsibilities, the finance, I AM ABOUT TO GO CRAZY. I FEEL LIKE KILLING EVERYONE THAT GOES IN MY WAY. 


Back to the flea..

Didn't started off well while we were on our way, we saw Singapore flyer after I near 30 mins journey BUT WE MISSED A TURN. So end up we went another expressway which is so far far away man. 
Took another 30 min to head back to the venue. 

The crowd was better than what I had expected and I am really happy!! 

Tada~~ set up nice nice~~ I arrived at approximately 10am, 30 mins to set up my side!!


THERE WAS CROWD! I m so happy I know! So many people viewing my items!!

Sweet girl Leow Zi Qun that came down my booth and gave me chocolate lolli!!!! Omg, plus it's HELLO KITTY, hell was I happy <3

Thank you so so much <3 !!

Me and Baby Boy Nasi Lemak. 


Lots of the day! All from #tbmflea !!! I am such a happy baby after that shopping therapy. 

Life sucks but like I said, my blogshop is to make my life, living to the fullest. 

Recently had been feeling very down, so it slowed me down from frequently updating my blogshop. I hope my customers would still support me! *cross fingers* :(