Saturday, 21 December 2013

Chic Cottage Flea X Da PinkRubbish

HELLO! Did you came to my flea yesterday? It was an awesome flea. It was so chilling inside the store to sell! I bought 2 luggages + 1 Ikea bag(of goodies). We took a cab down~~

First cabby uncle was really kind, help us load and unload the luggage.
Took the faster route down, $18 journey. 

Selling lots of pullovers // SNAPBACKS // stickers. Stickers was hot selling. Selling like HOTCAKES HOT HOT HOT. 

My dear SPARKLE came down! She is so nice, accompany me~ help me cut stickers, shall get her a Xmas gift *_*

Thank you for all my regulars that came down to support me too <3


My Xmas Gift from Uzicorn! You really don't have to spend so much money to get there for me!!!! I love hello kitty a lot a lot! Infinity thanks :) !

Camwhoring while waiting for food to be served~~ ate fried rice. 
Baby Boy kept complaining his stomach was grumbling.



Special Thanks Corner:

> Mysterious Supplier <
Thanks for supplying my all the pullovers within such a short notice and yes I really really appreciate it because like I said, you can sell it and earn more. I am truly appreciated and even my boyfriend is too. 
He wants to thank you for always helping his girlfriend and I want to thank you for always helping me..

> Boyfriend <
Thank you for accompanying me without much gain. I offered you money as pay but you rejected. All the help and patience to do this flea together really a big effort, and I truly appreciate all this. 
Thanks for always reminding me to eat and take care of myself. 

> ChicCottage <
My first time seeing her and yes, she is really pretty, my boyfriend says her eyes is really big. This time round was really great, I like the way she held the flea and everything went on really well. Crowd was considered good, marketing strategy did work :)
And I need to really thank her for the invitation to this flea! I m goddamn thankful! I hope to work together with you in future again!

> Customers <
My regulars that always come down to my flea or support my online flea, I am really thankful once again! This is why I must give you all discounts and gifts! Lots of free gifts! To make you all happy! I hope you had been happy to shop @ Dapinkrubbish!

> Parents <
I need to thank my father for driving to my supplier to help me collect all the heavy goods and I need to thank my mum for loaning my some money because I have not much money. 
This wouldn't had been possible without them..

> Sisters <
Although, I had paid you all to help me cut stickers but, I am still grateful for you all, helping me out until 3AM to finish cutting the stickers for my customer. If you all couldn't, I wouldn't have stickers to sell. 

> Sparkled Pixies & Uzicorn <
Thank you for sparkle to come down to the booth to help me and to chit chat with me!!!
You are so kind and helpful! I am truly touched :) 
Thanks Uzicorn for always coming down! Always supporting my stickers! Thank you for the Christmas gift too :) and thanks for the countless encouragement you had send me. I appreciate it :)


Online Pullover Launch,
Tonight @ 9PM.